Naya Dino's for testing (Frontier)

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    I want to build a Dino's deck and this is my starting point. I'm going to start testing against Abzan midrange ans W/U tempo, then spread it out from there. I believe Naya is the way to go so I can play Glorybringer and Dromoka's Command (have you thought about this with Ripjaw Raptor lol).

    I am also looking at what happens if you drop the Glorybringer and go full Dino. The dorks change to the dino enablers, 3 drops now are all dinos, more Regisaur, and a need for 2 slots more of removal to make up for loss of Glorybringer.
    I consider this to be a four layer deck. We have dorks, quality 3 drops, bombs, and utility cards.

    Elvish Mystic- turn one please.
    Drover of the Mighty- any color dork that will be a 3/3 midgame.
    Duskwatch Recruiter- a flex slot. It beat out the other options because it will draw us bombs while also accelerating us.

    3 drops:
    Deathgorge Scavenger- Beatstick at 3cc. Keeps the yard clear and gains us life.
    Kinjalli's Sunwing- flyer that slows down the aggro decks that could be a problem. The 3 toughness means it can block Selfless Spirit, Spell Queller, and other small flyers.
    Rhonas, the Indomitable- this guy will be online without much effort. The pump trample will be very valuable in ending games.

    Ripjaw Raptor- beatstick, card draw.
    Surrak, the Hunt Caller- beatstick that gives haste to the board.
    Captivating Crew- ok I know there are better cards at 4cc and this will probably change, however 4 power and stealing an opponents creature as a mana dump late game is not something to laugh at. I want to test it at least. Sided out vs aggro and pure control.
    Glorybringer- I felt the deck needed a creature that was also removal and this was the easy choice. it holds Regisaur to a one of for now.
    Regisaur Alpha- now this is a card. Even if we need x4 Glorybringer, we may need to add another one of these, at the very least.
    Carnage Tyrant- if this hits and you have a decent life total it's over.

    Utility Cards:
    Oath of Nissa- turn 1 fixes you for the entire game.
    Dromoka's Command- OMG when you thought the card could not get any better you now can play it on Ripjaw Raptor (+1/+1, kill threat, and draw a card). Good night!

    Ok so in reality I believe Captivating Crew will get cut for either Settle the Wreckage or Bristling Hydra. Not sure if the deck needs a little more evasion or the blowout of Settle the Wreckage.

    Settle the Wreckage- again, one-sided blowouts.
    Reclamation Sage- cut a 3cc/4cc, based on the deck your facing.
    Chandra & Serpopard- against control.
    Heroic Intervention- against any control deck not playing Settle the Wreckage.
    Cast Out- catch all.
    Blessed Alliance- when you need them to sac.
    Valorous Stance- so good against midrange decks.
    Abrade- same reason you play it in standard, vehicles and aggro.


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