Mono Green Control EDH - Kaysa (EDH / Commander)

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    Mono Green Control! Turn things into Artifacts then blow them up! Opponents have pesky creatures? Let them get swept up in a Tornado! They won't be in Kansas anymore! Are they trying to counter your spells? Throw down a Gaea's Herald or City of Solitude! Are they running a commander with multiple colors? Then do I have an answer for you in Hall of Gemstone or Primal Order!!

    The purpose of this build is to control the board and make your opponents hate you. This deck was built for fun (Mainly to be an asshole to your playgroup), not for competitive play.

    As for the general of choice, I feel that Kaysa would be underestimated at first glance. People will see her as a typical green stompy deck running a bunch of ways to cheat in fatties or elf ball. The true form of the deck will be seen once I start casting these odd and unique spells.

    Omnath, Locus of Mana and Azusa, Lost but Seeking are in the deck mainly to pay for the upkeep costs of Nature's Wrath Elephant Grass and Tornado

    Known combos/interactions:

    Cold Storage + Helm of Possession - You gain control of target creature. This can be repeated as long as you have the mana and creatures for it. See: Seedborn Muse

    Cold Storage + Willow Satyr - Once a turn, gain control of target legendary creature. You can keep it in exile until needed if it's not someone's commander.

    Nature's Wrath + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Reads (Example): "Whenever a player puts a land into play, that player sacrifices a land (Say they're playing a deck without blue or black.) or blue/black permanent." They have to sacrifice two permanents if they play any land with the type island, like Breeding Pool. If I am incorrect, feel free to comment with the correct rulings.

    Mycosynth Lattice + Titania's Song - All lands are sent to the graveyard because they become 0/0 creatures.

    Bane of Progress + Mycosynth Lattice - Everything is destroyed.

    Creeping Corrosion + Mycosynth Lattice - Everthing is destroyed.

    Deglamer + Mycosynth Lattice or Unravel the Aether - Tuck any permanent. Similar to Chaos Warp

    Mycosynth Lattice or Liquimetal Coating with Splinter - Target an opponents basic land (with an artifact subtype) and it will exile the basic land type from their hand, graveyard and library.

    Engulfing Slagwurm + Gravity Well - Drop'em and destroy'em.

    Courser of Kruphix + Mirri's Guile - Top deck fixing/mana ramping

    Hornet Nest + Druid's Call - Squirrels and Hornets!

    Thanks for looking and as always, comments and likes are appreciated.



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