Blue Sadism (Modern)

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    .If you have suggestions for changes and especially what to cut down on please tell me. Thank you!
    Specifically built in order to prevent other players from playing spells this deck tries it's best to slow the game down to the point where it can win over the course of ten turns with a Blighted Agent. (Unless you are feeling particularly cruel in which case you are suggested to instead play an invisible stalker.)

    Field of Ruin/Ghost Quarter: Land destruction, everyone's favorite!
    Other lands: Snow variants not necessary.

    Chalice of the Void: Despite being best after sideboarding the Chalice can be used to slow down decks in order to stall you're way to victory.
    Damping Sphere: Serving as both the main defense against storm and a buffer against tron it's main purpose is to stop decks from getting to much headway. You will have very few methods of drawing cards using this deck and you want to play as few cards per turn as possible so slowing them down is ideal.
    Pithing Needle: If a planeswalker hits the field this is your main (Read: Only) way of dealing with them.
    Relic of Progenitus: Graveyard hate that also draw you cards, everything that you would ever want in a one mana artifact that doesn't deal with planeswalkers.

    Counterbalance: Most decks in modern play cards with cmc 1 or 2, which just so happen to be where a majority of the cards in this deck fall. Effectively just a recurrent (albeit random) counterspell.

    Commandeer: In the case that your opponent has anything big that could swing the game, simply steal it!
    Cryptic Command: An incredibly useful counterspell among other things that should probably have more copies in the 75.
    Disrupting Shoal: One of the most important counterspells in the deck. It's ability to be cast for free is it's main upside that makes it a four of and it's ability to be cast for X makes it indispensable in the late game.
    Echoing Truth: In the case of decks that enjoy creating a large board state full of creatures one of the best ways to deal with them is by bouncing multiple at a time! Can also work as a singular bounce spell, but that isn't as much fun.
    Fatal Push: The resident black removal spell. That is all.
    Logic Knot: A counter that's better in the late game.
    Mana Leak: A counter that is better in the early game.
    Path to Exile:The resident white removal spell.
    Remand: Can be used to set opponent's back a turn or save your own spells. Also draws a card.
    Spell Snare: While it only hits one cmc (2), because it is 1 cmc it has an important spot when pitched to Disruption Shoul and Counterbalance.
    Surgical Extraction: It's ability to destroy any sort of combo that hits the graveyard makes it a very powerful inclusion

    Serum Visions: Draws a card while setting up the next draws.

    Blighted Agent: The one win condition!

    Extra Chalice: Can be used in more aggressive match ups to put the opponent off one drops.
    Extra Counterbalance: Same as above, though specifically for two drops.
    Extra Damping Sphere: Used in Tron, Storm, or any deck that could potentially win the game using either ludicrous amounts of mana or a large number of spells cast in one turn.
    Lullmage Mentor: Bring in in control matchups in order to create a board full of creatures as well as potential counterspells. Unfortunately it isn't wise to use them against Supreme Verdict heavy decks.
    Silent Arbiter: If your opponent uses a large number of creatures to win use this to force only one to attack.
    Snapcaster Mage: Another piece for against control, the ability to replay spells is your friend and it even leaves behind a body.
    Spell Pierce: Against any sort of spell based combo you can use this card to try to slow them down and even potentially stop them.
    Extra Surgical Extraction: For extra graveyard hate.


    Sideboard price: 356.01 € | $ 364.31

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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