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Arbor ElfArbor ElfArbor ElfArbor ElfAspect of HydraAspect of HydraAspect of HydraAspect of HydraAvatar of the ResoluteAvatar of the ResoluteAvatar of the ResoluteAvatar of the ResoluteBeast WithinBeast WithinBeast WithinDryad ArborForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestGarruk WildspeakerGarruk WildspeakerGreen Sun's ZenithGreen Sun's ZenithGreen Sun's ZenithKhalni HydraKhalni HydraKhalni HydraLeatherback BalothLeatherback BalothLeatherback BalothLightning GreavesLightning GreavesLightning GreavesMwonvuli Acid-MossMwonvuli Acid-MossMwonvuli Acid-MossOverwhelming StampedeOverwhelming StampedePrimalcruxPrimalcruxPrimalcruxPrimalcruxUtopia SprawlUtopia SprawlUtopia SprawlUtopia Sprawl

ChokeChokeDismemberHail StormHail StormKrosan GripKrosan GripPithing NeedlePithing NeedleScavenging OozeScavenging OozeScavenging OozeThorn of AmethystThorn of AmethystThrun, the Last Troll