Vraska's Rot (Standard)

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    This deck is an update to the Saproling Swarm decks of last standard. We lost a great removal spell in Fatal Push, but we gain a much more effective planeswalker in Vraska, Golgari Queen and a great all purpose removal spell in Assassin's Trophy. The deck creates tokens and utilizes them for value. Sideboard seeks to answer a variety of different decks, you can easily adjust to your specific meta.

    Update: After extensive playtesting, Vona's Hunger and Plaguecrafter are almost required for this deck to function. After these alterations, this deck has a lot of versatility leading to favorable matchups against most decks you will see in arena. Good luck out there!

    Update #2: So, the meta shifted pretty hard to the Niv-Mizzet in my experience, and Carnage Tyrant is more prevalent leaving us vulnerable. All the card advantage in the world isn't going to help us value through them. So the deck has been reoutfitted with more Plaguecrafters and a few Murders to help against those giant threats. Also, one copy of Detection Tower can be a lifesaver at the right point in a game. Slimefoot is too incremental in this meta, so I removed all but one copy which is in place of a Sapherd. Fungal Infestation is great against Boros... but that's about it. I cut down to two copies so we have it for early game against the mentor decks, but not overloaded on it against poorer matchups. We're very good against Boros, Mono red, Flame of Keld and Dimir. We are around 50% against vampires, knights, dinosaurs, pirates, Jeskai/Azorius Teferi and Five Color Control. Finally, we have some weak play against Mono Green Stompy due to Carnage Tyrant and Izzet Control due to Niv-Mizzet. We have more tools, let's go out there and do it for the midrange! Queen Vraska demands it!

    Update#3: I have decided Slimefoot is just not effective enough in this meta, so I've removed him and a copy of Vona's Hunger to make room for two copies of Doom Whisperer. I've only tested this a few times with more success and more testing is needed. Good luck and have fun.

    Update #4: Replaced Doom Whisperer with Demon of Catastrophes, just better overall in this strategy.


    Sideboard price: 50.49 € | $ 34.60

    This deck appears to be legal in Standard!

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