Eldritch Lands (Modern)

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    This deck is based around the Zombie Hunt deck, though we run multiple other land based win conditions. We play Treasure Hunt on turn two if we have Reliquary Tower in our opening hand or turn three without playing a land hoping to hit a Tower to play after Hunt. Once we play Zombie Infestation, we discard cards at the end of our opponent's turn to make zombies until we present lethal and hold all remaining cards in case our horde is destroyed. If our Zombie Infestation is answered, we have the backup plan of the Dark Depths Thespian's Stage combo for a surprising come from behind victory. Finally, we also have Ormendahl for hasty flying damage if we need to finish someone off or if our opponent uses board wipes and spot destruction removal. Manlands give us better play in the long game if that becomes necessary as well. Zombie Hunt is usually a glass cannon, but this version is versatile enough to give us multiple answers for many situations. Our sideboard is meant to defend against threats to our combo, and Damnation is to blow up creature based decks which are less resilient than our horde.


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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Modern!

    Problems: Dark Depths is banned!

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