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Allosaurus ShepherdArchon of Valor's ReachBayouBeck // CallBirchlore RangersBlooming MarshBoreal DruidCavern of SoulsCraterhoof BehemothCrop RotationDryad ArborDwynen's EliteEdric, Spymaster of TrestElves of Deep ShadowElvish ArchdruidElvish MysticElvish ReclaimerElvish VanguardElvish VisionaryEzuri, Renegade LeaderFauna ShamanFinale of DevastationForestFyndhorn ElvesGaea's CradleGilt-Leaf PalaceGlimpse of NatureGnarlroot TrapperGreen Sun's ZenithHeart WardenHeritage DruidHorizon CanopyImperious PerfectKarakasLlanowar ElvesLlanowar VisionaryMirror EntityMisty RainforestNatural OrderNettle SentinelNurturing PeatlandPendelhavenPriest of TitaniaQuirion RangerRazorverge ThicketReclamation SageRegal ForceSavannahShaman of the PackSnow-Covered ForestTainted PactTainted PactTimberwatch ElfTropical IslandVerdant CatacombsWaterlogged GroveWindswept HeathWirewood HivemasterWirewood SymbioteWooded Foothills

Abrupt DecayAssassin's TrophyCabal TherapyCollector OupheDeafening SilenceDuressExtirpateKrosan GripPithing NeedleScavenging OozeShapers' SanctuarySteely ResolveSurgical ExtractionThorn of AmethystThoughtseize