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Abrupt DecayArid MesaBitterblossomBloodstained MireBlurred MongooseBotanical SanctumBrainstormBreeding PoolChain LightningCollective BrutalityCounterspellCreeping Tar PitDark ConfidantDarkslick ShoresDazeDeathrite ShamanDelver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationDelver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationDemonic TutorDepriveDig Through TimeDismemberDispelDreadboreDrowned CatacombDuressFaerie ConclaveFire // IceFlame SlashFlooded StrandFlusterstormForce SpikeForce of WillForked BoltGitaxian ProbeGo for the ThroatGrim FlayerGrim LavamancerHinterland HarborInquisition of KozilekIslandJhessian InfiltratorLightning BoltLumbering FallsMana DrainMana LeakMarsh FlatsMemory LapseMental MisstepMiscalculationMisty RainforestMonastery SwiftspearNimble MongooseNoose ConstrictorPlaxmantaPolluted DeltaPonderPreordainQuirion DryadReflecting PoolRemandScalding TarnScavenging OozeSerum VisionsShivan ReefSkylasherSnapcaster MageSpell PierceSpell SnareSpirebluff CanalSteam VentsStormchaser MageStromkirk NobleSulfur FallsSylvan LibraryTainted PactTarmogoyfThermo-AlchemistThing in the Ice // Awoken HorrorThing in the Ice // Awoken HorrorThought ScourThoughtseizeTreasure CruiseTropical IslandTrue-Name NemesisUltimate PriceUnderground RiverUnderground SeaVapor SnagVendilion CliqueVerdant CatacombsVexing ShusherVolcanic IslandWandering FumaroleWastelandWatery GraveWerebearWild MongrelWindswept HeathWooded FoothillsYavimaya CoastYoung Pyromancer