Infinite Bolas Factory

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    How it works...
    The idea of the deck is to establish the an infinite mana combo between vizier of remedies and devoted Druid, then using staff of domination to draw the entire deck, to get infinite mana of colours required, use birds of paradise and lightning greives to give it haste. From this point you can use masterminds acquisition and elixir of immortality (cast acquisition, shuffle in, repeat)to tutor for a planeswalker of your choice from the sideboard, as well as clockwork assembler, liquimetal coating, mirror gallery, and sundial of the infinite. After turning the planeswalker into an artifact using liquimetal coating, you can copy it with clockwork assembler (they won't be legend ruled due to mirror gallery) and end the turn using sundial of the infinite to stop the exile trigger from assembler. When you discard at the end of turn, use elixir of immortality to shuffle the cards back into your library.
    Use planeswalkers with discard to protect the mirror gallery. Or you could kill them, but there is probably better ways to do that.

    Use congregation at dawn to tutor for combo pieces, with collected company playing those creatures from the top. Chord of calling can tutor to the battlefield, and trophy Mage can tutor for staff of domination.




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