R/G (Gruul) Aggro (Legacy)

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    This is my R/G Aggro deck where you can rush and buff to victory! first i will explain every card's use and then get to the stradegy (Note: this is very long)

    Rootbound Crag: this is a really good land card for these types of decks because it can give R and G mana easily for the only cost of a tap when played if a mountian or forest card, but that is a very low penalty, so in theory this card is really good
    Cinder Glade: This card is very similiar to the Rootbound Crag but with a slightly bigger price: to prevent the card from entering tapped you need at least 2 baisic lands on the battlefield. this is worse because techicaly you need 2 lands instead of 1, but this is still a decent card
    Kessig Wolf Run: this is the utility land (like the Gavony Township) which gives mana AND boosts gameplay on the battlefield. this boosts target creature's power by X and gives trample for (G)(R)(X) which is a good ability
    Westvale Abbey as a land in it's normal form it isn't that good at giving mana BUT when transformed becomes a monstrosity! the creatures you need to sacrifice will be easy to get because of the low mana curve and that monstrosity is a 9/7 with 4 abilities including indestructable this is probobly the reason this is the most expensive part of the deck!
    Arbor Elf/Elvish Mystic these are technically the same thing so i will explain both of them at the same time
    this is mainly a mana creature that will alow me to use more creatures! and the cost is only (G)
    Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
    level 0 decent
    level 1-3 really good
    level 4+ AMAZING!
    Kalonian Tusker
    3/3 for (2G) = Good
    Ball Lightning
    6/1 wth trample for (3R) = OMG this is amazing! exept for the fact it is sacrificed at end of turn
    Boartusk Liege
    a booster for all the other creatures
    Other Spells
    Call of the Full Moon
    a risk or reward card (reward is +3/+2 and trample risk is spell casting)
    Colossal Might
    +4/+2 and trample = really good
    Fire Ambush
    EZ 3 damage
    another EZ 3 damage
    Giant Growth
    +3/+3 for (G) = awsome
    Side Board
    Ainok Survivalist
    with megamorph used this can be a 3/2 which is decent
    Alpine Grizzly
    4/2 for (2)(G) = very good
    Apocalypse Hydra
    Big possibilities
    Archwing dragon
    really good for it's price
    Genju of the Cedars/Spires
    nice land transformers
    REALLY good card but $10.00 each is a lot for price...
    Epic card but at $75.00...

    strategy: your starting hand is likely to give 2-3 lands at the start which can get you some nice cards early in the game you can use the Arbor Elf / Elvish Mystic for some nice mana as well as Giant Growth and Colossal Might to buff those elves to 4/4s or 5/3s eventually you could get a Kessig Wolf Run use that to buff your creatures further! as well as Westvale Abbey... with 21 creatures in the main deck this card will play a big roll in assistance because when you get 5 creatures in the battlefield you'll know what to do... with ball lightning you can chip off a little damage and with Boartusk Leige you can buff more of your creatures

    remember to like and maybe this could be a REAL torney deck?




    Sideboard price: 4.40 € | $ 3.18


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