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ArmageddonAzorius ChanceryAzorius CharmAzorius GuildgateAzorius SignetBasalt MonolithBattlefield ForgeBeacon of TomorrowsBoros CharmBoros GuildgateBoros SignetBrainstormCelestial MantleClifftop RetreatCommand TowerCounterfluxCrib SwapDarksteel IngotDeflecting PalmDiscombobulateDismal FailureDivine ReckoningEldrazi ConscriptionElspeth, Knight-ErrantFlooded StrandFury of the HordeGhostly PrisonGift of ImmortalityGilded LotusGlacial FortressHallowed FountainHindering LightHowl of the HordeInvocation of Saint TraftIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet BoilerworksIzzet CharmIzzet GuildgateIzzet SignetJeskai BannerLeyline of SanctityMass CalcifyMind StoneMirariMiscalculationMountainMountainMystical TutorNarset TranscendentNeedle SpiresNevermoreOblivion RingOmnisciencePart the WaterveilPlainsPlainsPlainsPonderPongifyPower SinkPrairie StreamPreordainPropagandaRelentless AssaultReliquary TowerRender SilentReturn to DustRewindRogue's PassageSacred FoundryShivan ReefSmokeSol RingSpectra WardSteam VentsSteel of the GodheadStorm HerdStrionic ResonatorSulfur FallsSwan SongSwiftwater CliffsTamiyo, the Moon SageTemple of EnlightenmentTemple of EpiphanyTemple of TriumphTemple of the False GodTemporal MasteryTemporal TrespassTime StretchTranquil CoveVenser, the SojournerWalk the AeonsWaves of AggressionWind-Scarred CragWorld at War

Narset, Enlightened Master