[WIP] Noyan Dar Triggered (EDH / Commander)

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    Did some rework, reduced boardwipes, added manastones in order to rush Noyan Dar/Other Piece on table on 4th turn. Hand + 4th draws testing gave me roughly 50% chance for this, which isn't too good.

    Older description:
    Strategy is lots of instants & sorceries, lots of triggers from them, lots of recursion.

    I'm using sideboard & maybeboard as 'notebook' for good cards (Tier 1 & 2).

    I'm running many nonland permanent Board Wipes so I'm generally trying to avoid too many Enchantments and Artifacts. Artifact and Enchantment based card draw is normally good, but in this deck I feel general card draw instants and sorceries are of higher value due to the synergies. Because of the many Board Wipes I'm looking to protect my Commander in different ways. 5 CMC base makes him quickly difficult to cast if I keep blowing him up myself. Low CMC instants to return creature to my hand are of high value here as I can use them to fizzle targeted removal or dodge board wipes.

    Because of the several counter spells in deck, Card Draw spells are highest value as instants so you can cast the card draw if there was no need to cast the counter spells.

    Preferred targets for the Awaken -effects are clearly Darksteel Citadel and Drownyard Temple. I don't want to make normal lands into creatures unless I have atleast 6 or 7 lands available. For maximum efficiency I would need a way to search a non basic land from my deck, for which Tolaria West is good option. Please tell me if you have any ideas for this!

    Vigilance would be preferrable to have for my land creatures, but most vigilances are provided by enchantments and playing too many enchantments is anti-synergistic with the many Board Wipes in the deck and the lack of ability to return them from graveyard. This deck also cannot really compete with amount of creatures from other players, most common way is to end up with 1 big land creature. So in short, it's preferrable to keep on wiping the board than trying to flood the board with creatures faster than my opponent. And for this same reason enchantments are anti-synergistic with this particular approach.

    The deck needs to time to reach higher land counts so there is need for lifegain (sustain) during the game. Also at times it can be difficult to get blockers, thus the need for lifegain. For this Spirit Loop is excellent recursive enchantment. The best card for this is Worthy Cause which is like the best imaginable card for this Deck in my opinion, it even has cheap Buyback. I have built big land creature but it's about to be removed? Just cast Worthy Cause.

    I have several Cipher cards in the deck because they provide nice recursion but are quite easy to remove actually. Come late game I like them because it's possible to quickly and cheaply increase the counters on my land creatures, but on the other hand they are easy to deal with targeted removal.




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