Azorius Spirits (Modern)

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    NOTE: The deck is currently in limbo, as I am testing new cards and interactions due to MH1, WAR, and M20 all making an impact on Modern. This is posted as of 7-22-19. I will do my best to keep the notes, primer, and deck list up to date. However with near daily changes, it is becoming difficult.

    This is the current iteration of my UW spirits deck. I will make it a point to update this write up as I change cards. as of 5-10-2019 I will be adding a small sideboard section at the bottom of this section. It is likely to fall behind from time to time, as the sideboard can change week to week. But I will do my best to keep it up to date, and as informative as the rest of this write up.

    The deck is a tempo build, as opposed to a pure aggro strategy like goblins, humans, or even this deck's sister build; Bant Spirits.

    This deck runs 19-21 lands, 10-12 non-creature spells, and 28-33 creature spells in the main board, depending on how the meta is looking at the time. My numbers will fluctuate as time goes on. This deck's game plan is to set the pace. We do so by slowing down decks like burn and humans, while being faster than things like Tron, or Control.

    -KEY CARDS (Read: Do not substitute):

    Rattlechains: I made the mistake of cutting this at one point when I first picked up my Aether Vial playset. While still leaving in a playset of Vapor snag. This was a mistake, as rattlechains gives us the ability to grant almost all of our creatures flash. Basically giving the same effect as Vial, just without cheating on mana.

    Spell Queller: this card is just insanely useful, we can't get another card to replace it period.

    Mausoleum wanderer: This guy could theoretically be replaced with judges familiar, or cursecatcher, but the fact that it gets pumped so easily, and nearly every turn makes it invaluable.


    3x Unsettled Mariner: This card has been bonkers in testing, and while I am continuing to test with it as a 4 of, I'm really liking it in the current meta.

    1x Phantasmal Image: These work as pseudo lords, being able to most favorably copy our Drogskol captains, making them immune to their own sacrifice effect.

    3x Spectral Sailor: This card has been wonderful late game, being able to use it as a chump blocker early on if need be, and drawing cards later on is huge. I'm really liking this card.

    2x Deputy of Detention: This is our best way to deal with Ensnaring Bridge

    So the mana base seems to vary from build to build, but what I have found works for me personally is the following:

    4x Flooded Strand

    2x Hallowed Fountain

    4x Seachrome Coast

    2x Mutavault.

    2x Cavern of Souls (Optional)

    3x Island

    2x Plains

    Fetches help thin the deck of lands, so I run 7 of them. That, and they make sure we have the colors we need every time. Easy enough.

    Seacrome coast: I was running Glacial Fortress for a while, but after this past weekend where SCG came to town and I was able to sell some cards for store credit, I finally picked up a copy! I like Glacial Fortress, and think it's perfectly fine for anyone on a budget, however I'm finding pretty quickly that Seachrome coast is in fact better, and absolutely deserves a spot in this deck.

    Cavern of souls is an awesome addition if you can, though I wouldn't run more than 2 copies personally since we do have 6 colored non-creature spells that we want to be able to cast at all times.

    Mutavault has been amazing, once the graveyard hate dies down, we may go back to a number of Moorland haunts, but for now. This is the utility land to play.

    Basics: Basic lands are what they are, easy fetch targets at all times, a good thing to have for an opponent's path to exile, and a way to play around blood moon.

    That's my version of the deck! If you like it, feel free to build it and give it a try, or to download it and run it on Cockatrice or some other program.

    -THE SIDEBOARD: (last updated 5-30-19)
    My sideboard is ever changing, due to switching between local, and tournament play, as well as the ever shifting Modern Meta-game. As I listed at the top of this article, this section may fall out of date from time to time, but I will do my best to keep it updated.

    2x Pithing Needle:
    These 2 slots are likely the most flexible of the 15. I am currently running Pithing Needle to help against UW control, as well as an extra piece against tron. It is also good against GB(x) decks running LOTV, but I haven't run into those as often lately. Basically I have these 2 slots and this is a decent catch all.

    1x Geist of Saint Traft: This card is amazing against control. Especially early game.

    2x Unified Will:
    I slept on this card for so long. Against any control deck, Tron, or combo deck, it is basically Counterspell.

    3x Rest In Peace:
    This will stay a 3-of in the board until Dredge is no longer in the format. However I only bring 1 copy in against UR Phoenix. Their ability to ignore it and simply play off of Thing in the Ice is reason enough not to worry about bringing in 2 copies, but we can bring in Reflector Mage instead to bounce the Thing in the Ice before the last counter is removed.

    2x Stony Silence:
    Hardened Scales, Traditional Affinity, and any artifact based Prison strategy is where this card shines. It doesn't always come in, but when it does, it is a silver bullet that I am so incredibly thankful to have. Always pack your own artifact hate.

    2x Reflector Mage:
    Not a spirit. But, it is in UW, and it does a phenomenal job of taking care of problematic creatures that are causing trouble for me. It shines against Thing in the Ice, being able to blank it, and set the opponent back a few spells. It also is awesome for resetting counters on a Scavenging Ooze in a pinch.

    1x Worship: This is a great way to cover our butts if need be.

    2x Damping Sphere: This is a great card against tron, as well as a nice hoser against Phoenix.


    Hope this helps someone out with the deck. I wish you the best, and hope you enjoy the archetype as much as I have all these years!


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