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MTG arena Standard Ponza (Standard)

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    Catch people offguard with land destruction in MTG arena. This deck require different ways to play depends on whether you go first/Aggro vs Control

    1)If you go first it's key that you have at least one ramp and a Land destruction in play. Ideally you want to start blowing up his land by turn 3

    2)If you go second. It's more important to present yourself with a) early threat via Branchwalker or Squee. b) have sqwelting sun or Hour of devestation in hand, allow him to overextend and then wipe his board.

    3)It requires patience to play vs any control that can potentially have counterspell. The good news is that you'll more often then not have more mana then him due to your ramp. This deck is a killer for any three color decks because you can shut down one or two colors quickly by destroying their corresponding lands.

    4) Knowing the meta is key. You have no removal that'll work vs indestructible Gods and have to boardwipe vs B/W vamp tokens/merfolk/cats. Don't be afraid to cycle violent impact.

    5) Your win-con isn't to blow up all your opponent's land (althought that's always a good way to make him/her ragequit): it's to ensure big stuff like Samut/Etali/Tendershoot to hit the board and your opponent can't answer because the don't have the lands to cast big removals. It's entirely responsible to also sac an elf to bring out the Channeler as a 3/4 or better yet put the counter on squee and then play him from gy again for value. Tempo play is key to mastering this deck.


    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 2018 — Oct 2018).

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