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Ancient DenAncient DenAncient DenAncient DenAtogAtogAtogAtogAuriok SunchaserAuriok SunchaserAuriok SunchaserAuriok SunchaserCarapace ForgerCarapace ForgerCarapace ForgerCarapace ForgerChromatic StarChromatic StarChromatic StarChromatic StarDarksteel CitadelDarksteel CitadelDisciple of the VaultDisciple of the VaultDisciple of the VaultDisciple of the VaultFlayer HuskFlayer HuskFlayer HuskFlayer HuskFlingFlingFlingFlingFrogmiteFrogmiteFrogmiteFrogmiteGalvanic BlastGalvanic BlastGalvanic BlastGalvanic BlastGreat FurnaceGreat FurnaceGreat FurnaceGreat FurnaceIchor WellspringIchor WellspringMyr EnforcerMyr EnforcerMyr EnforcerMyr EnforcerPerilous MyrPerilous MyrPerilous MyrPerilous MyrProphetic PrismProphetic PrismProphetic PrismProphetic PrismSeat of the SynodSeat of the SynodSeat of the SynodSeat of the SynodSomber HoverguardSomber HoverguardSpringleaf DrumSpringleaf DrumSpringleaf DrumSpringleaf DrumThoughtcastThoughtcastThoughtcastThoughtcastTree of TalesTree of TalesTree of TalesTree of TalesVault of WhispersVault of WhispersVault of WhispersVault of Whispers

ElectrickeryElectrickeryElectrickeryFogFogIchor WellspringLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltPerilous ResearchPerilous ResearchPyroblastPyroblastRelic of ProgenitusRelic of Progenitus