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Goblin Nukes! (Legacy)

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    The idea for this deck came from some Mogg Infestations I had lying around. Typically I see them used as a board wipe, but I've always been partial to targeting myself with them. So, I wanted to make a deck that shows off the benefits of doing just that.

    With that in mind, the actual bread and butter of the deck are Boggart Shenanigans and Impact Tremors. These two cards make it so each creature that enters the battlefield or dies is dealing damage to your opponents. Keep in mind that Boggart Shenanigans ability triggers when duplicates are destroyed.

    Mogg War Marshal, Dragon Fodder, and Krenko's Command all are there to give you lots of puny goblins, and hopefully deal a bit of damage when you cast them.

    Goblin Arsonist, Mudbutton Torchrunner, and Murderous Redcap give you the type of quality burst you'd expect from exploding goblins. They're also the goblins that give the deck it's name. Your opponents won't want to pop them, and they are great to have on the board during a Mogg Infestation. Or add their damage to a goblin grenade, and feel the satisfaction as your opponents' life totals melt away chunk by chunk.

    Goblin Bombardment is there in case you get impatient and need things to explode sooner. Drop it the turn you'd like some things to die

    Purphoros, God of the Forge takes this deck to another level. He survives your mogg infestations, but it shouldn't matter since each goblin generated deals 2 damage to each opponent. If you have just 5 goblins to start with (which you should by the time he drops), that works out to 20 damage to each opponent. Yikes!


    Gempalm Incinerator - for troublesome creatures and cycling
    Goblin Caves - to keep your goblins from being popped without your consent
    Kyren Negotiations - Why not do some damage before they explode?
    Meekstone - Players will probably catch on pretty quick that your goblins hurt when they die. Keep their creatures tapped, and they may think even harder before attacking you.
    Skirk Fire Marshal - I felt like I had to put this one in. He survives the mogg infestation, and pops all your goblins at once for simply insane amounts of damage while only dealing 10 to you. I just thought that the amount of damage he could deal in this deck was unnecessary. Plus, if your opponent hits you hard and early, you could very well end up blowing yourself to a loss. Still, it's a really good card, so make up your own mind.


    Brightstone Ritual - This could be necessary if you switch out for some of the spells with higher mana costs.
    Goblin Marshal - Good synergy with the deck, but kind of expensive to cast.
    Krenko, Mob Boss - Won't survive a Mogg Infestation, but with Impact Tremors or Purphoros on the board, you might not even to cast it. Maybe I should put him on the sideboard...
    Slate of Ancestry - One of the problems with goblin decks is running out of hand. This takes advantage of that and gives you quite a bit of speed. However it's only necessary if things aren't going very well. I've used it to good effect before, but more often than not, your mana is better spent elsewhere.
    Thick-Skinned Goblin - These guys will waive the echo costs of Mogg War Marshals as well as Goblin Marshals (if you decide to use them). The benefits are kind of minor, but still beneficial. With the echo costs taken care of, you get a couple extra creatures to attack/block, and your opponent is less likely to want to pop them since the replace themselves with more goblins when they die. Also these guys can give themselves protection from red, which is great for surviving Mogg Infestation or Skirk Fire Marshal. It also helps when facing a red deck.




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