Red/White Artificer Rush (Standard)

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    This is the first thing that came to mind when I saw all these wonderful artificers and the Inventor's goggles card. The idea is to of course spring artificers on your opponent, which get's a free equip boost when they enter, as Inventor's Goggles can be freely equipped as soon as they enter the battlefield.

    Most of these get a boost in tandem with having an artifact, most notably Craftmaster Paradigm & Inventor's Apprentice. They gain more of a boost as equipped creatures from the amazing 2 drop, Stone Haven Outfitter, whose also an artificer. Not only that but he provides a static +1/+1 boost to all equipped creatures and provides the useful benefit of when an equipped creature dies, you draw a card.

    I've inputted some madness cards which work off of Smuggler's Copter to draw/discard when it attacks or blocks, which I'm hoping to do a lot of. Authority of the Consulate helps the rush mechanic, a one cost tap-down that ensures (hopefully) that your opponent will be lagging behind the onslaught of your artificer rush.

    Depala, Pilot Exemplar is there to provide a boost/seek mechanic to all your dwarven friends, which comprise a majority of this deck. Inventor's Fair/Aerial Responder are there to boost back any life and hard equip Inventor's Goggles for added effect when needed. Hopefully the combination of flying/boosted artificers will end the game quickly.


    Sideboard price: 7.20 € | $ 5.61

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 19).

    Problems: Unknown card name: Craftmaster Paradigm, Authority of the Consulate, Inventor's Fair, Craftmaster Paradigm. · Not legal in this format: Stone Haven Outfitter, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Combustible Gearhulk, Depala, Pilot Exemplar, Master Trinketeer, Smuggler's Copter, Aerial Responder, Inventor's Goggles, Inventor's Apprentice, Glint-Sleeve Artisan, Pia Nalaar, Collective Defiance, Fiery Temper, Avacyn's Judgment, Inspiring Vantage, Glint-Sleeve Artisan, Master Trinketeer, Avacyn's Judgment, Hanweir Garrison, Fiery Temper, Harnessed Lightning.

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