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Mardu Vehicles -- MBH Bellevue PPTQ (Standard)

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    Went 4-1-1 at MoxBoardingHouse Bellevue PPTQ on June 30th.
    Made finals as 4th seed. Lost in first round of finals (Won first game, lost games 2, 3)

    I wasn't sure what to expect from Mardu Vehicles, but it's the standard deck I'm using to playing.
    Things going against this deck are Goblin Chainwhirler and the new planeswalker targeting rules.
    Not being able to hit planeswalkers with Chandra, Hazoret, or Unlicensed Disintegration -- really nerfs things.

    With all that said, Mardu Vehicles is still a very fast deck.

    Round One: Faced White/Black/Green
    Not really sure what this deck was about. Opponent had land issues both games. (2 lands in each game).
    Ran him over in both games.
    Game one -- was just die quickly. Saw two G/W lands, but no creatures.
    Game two -- he played a couple knight of malice. Doesn't stop Heart of Kiran.

    Round Two -- U/W Drake Heaven.
    I've been able to beat Drake Haven before, and usually matchup good against U/W
    Poor opening draws both games and wasn't able to recover.
    He made great use of the cycling healing salve (forget the name) both games.

    Round Three: U/B Scarab God
    Game One: I managed to steal this on a misplay. I got a decent start, then he got scarab god into play.
    I was at four, he was at 3. I had attacked with a scrounger and a courier into a champion of wits. I'm holding a fatal push and can kill the champion, but he has enough mana to activate scarab god (lots of graveyard targets to just be a chump blocker). He decided to fatal push the courier before I would have a chance to activate it. (I had a very weak chance of perhaps being to top deck a lightning strike which would also win). Anyway, after he killed the courier... he didn't have enough mana to activate scarab god to block -- so push champion of wits... scrounger for the win. In all fairness, he didn't know I had fatal push

    Game Two: I got a good start, but stalled out a little. He brought in Gifted Aetherborn.
    I was able to Lost Legacy all the Scarab Gods out of his deck, but yeah... stalled out.
    Ended up loosing to gearhulks.

    Game Three: We each got out to ok starts, I was able to neutralize his creatures better this game, and was also to get Ixalan's Binding onto the Scarab God.... so again no Scarab God thread.

    Round Four: R/B Aggro
    I was expecting to see a lot more R/B, or Mono Red... so yeah, it's on.
    This matchup is just race, and depends a lot of draws. Drawing lots of land is usually bad.

    Game One: Opponent has no land openers... end up mulligan'ing to four cards.
    I didn't have a great opening hand, but did get enough pressure to win pretty easily. I don't think I saw any creatures from his deck.

    Game Two: Kind of the opposite, I almost was able to stabilize at one life... but then lost to a chainwhirler.

    Game Three: He got a good start, but I was able to Settle the Wreckage his creatures away.
    He got me to two, I got him to six. Somebody looses next turn... I was able to get a pumped Toolcraft Exemplar thru with the help of Unlicensed Disintegration for the win. Was also holding a Lightning Strike

    Round Four: W/B/U Scarab God, Teferi, Gearhulks.
    Game One: I get a decent start and run him over.
    Game Two: I get a slow start and eventually his Teferi, Hero of Dominaria takes over.
    Game Three: Not a great start, but enough mana for some early four mana threats, and I think a scrounger.
    Anyway, I figured he was holding counters but still wanted to force action. Decided I would try to play Chandra last. Shalai, Followed by Hazoret, into Chandra. He didn't have an answer for Chandra, Torch of Defiance.
    I was able to ultimate Chandra and get the win. I did have two turns where I only drew land, so the game to draw out a little... but pulled out game three.

    My record at this point was 4-1, and put me in 4th place.

    Round 5: Draw
    We both should make top 8, so we draw into the finals.

    Quarter Finals:
    Round One: W/B/U Esper/Teferi
    Game One: Get a good start, do the mardu thing and run him over.
    Game Two: I mis-sideboarded here, I put him on a deck like the other W/B/U deck I faced, but post board he brought in a lot of creatures. I get an ok start, but he's able to stabilize and eventually run me over with gearhulk.
    Game Three: Seems to be even more creatures + Lyra, plus I get a bad opening hand (1 land -- Spire of Industry), followed by a mulligan into a 2 Aether Hub land hand. I didn't want to mulligan again, and was holding a Veteran Motorist to go land searching. I believe my hand was 2 aether hub, 2 Toolcraft Exemplar, 1 Veteran Motorist, and 1 Cultivator's Caravan. Almost a good start, but ended up being to slow. Got beaten turn 5 Lyra Dawnbringer.

    Anyway, still a pretty decent run from a deck that's soon to rotate out.




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