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Angel of Glory's Rise Animate Dead Azami, Lady of Scrolls Badlands Bayou Bazaar of Baghdad Cabal Therapy Careful Study Cephalid Coliseum Cephalid Illusionist City of Brass Dance of the Dead Dread Return Eladamri's Call Elvish Spirit Guide Entomb Eternal Witness Faithless Looting Fatestitcher Flash Gamble Gemstone Mine Grand Abolisher Grim Tutor Hapless Researcher Hermit Druid Laboratory Maniac Lotus Petal Marsh Flats Memory's Journey Misty Rainforest Narcomoeba Necromancy Nomads en-Kor Phantasmagorian Polluted Delta Protean Hulk Pull from Eternity Reanimate Riftstone Portal Sacred Cat Savannah Scalding Tarn Scrubland Shallow Grave Shaman en-Kor Spellseeker Sun Titan Sylvan Tutor Taiga Tropical Island Tundra Underground Sea Vampiric Tutor Verdant Catacombs Volcanic Island Windswept Heath Woodfall Primus Worldgorger Dragon Worldly Tutor

Abrupt Decay Apostle's Blessing Defense Grid Invigorate Mental Misstep Nature's Claim Null Rod Pact of Negation Pernicious Deed Ray of Revelation Seal of Primordium Serenity Shriekmaw Stony Silence Swan Song