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Arc TrailArid MesaBlood MoonBloodstained MireBonecrusher Giant // StompBrainstormBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftBurst LightningCastle VantressChain LightningChandra, Torch of DefianceCommand TowerConsiderCounterspellDazeDelver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationDelver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationDen of the BugbearDragon's Rage ChannelerExpressive IterationFabled PassageFiery ConfluenceFire // IceFlame SlashFlametongue YearlingFlooded StrandForce SpikeForce of NegationForce of WillForked BoltFuryGitaxian ProbeGrim LavamancerHall of Storm GiantsIncinerateIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandLedger ShredderLightning BoltLightning StormkinLoyal ApprenticeMagus of the MoonMemory LapseMental MisstepMiscalculationMisdirectionMishra's FactoryMisty RainforestMountainMountainMountainMurktide RegentMutavaultMystic SanctuaryNimble ObstructionistOtawara, Soaring CityPlay with FirePolluted DeltaPonderPreordainPrismari CommandPrismatic VistaPyrokinesisRemandRiverglide Pathway // Lavaglide PathwayRiverglide Pathway // Lavaglide PathwayScalding TarnShatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer PassShatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer PassShinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepSnapSnapcaster MageSokenzan, Crucible of DefianceSpell PierceSpell SnareSpirebluff CanalSprite DragonSteam VentsStifleStormcarved CoastSubtletySulfur FallsSurge EngineTerritorial HellkiteThird Path IconoclastTolarian TerrorTrue-Name NemesisUmezawa's JitteVapor SnagVendilion CliqueVolcanic IslandWash AwayWooded FoothillsYoung Pyromancer

Jeska, Thrice RebornKraum, Ludevic's Opus