UG Merfolk +1/+1 [With accurate description for each card] (Standard)

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    Lands (21)

    Hashep Oasis
    for boostr your unblockable kumena.
    Scavenger Grounds
    Maybe useless. Maybe not. You don't know when you want to prevet a gearhulk to cast someting from graveyard or a Scarab God or even an earthshaker kenra
    Unclaimed Territory
    with a 29 creature deck this is more than usefull

    Instants (5)

    Blossoming Defense
    for protect creature and win fights
    Spell Pierce
    if you smell bontu last reckoning, fumigate, or similiar just play a turn behind and get ready to use spell pierce on them

    Planeswalkers (2)

    Nissa, Steward of Elements
    This may be the card that keep you alive in situation where the "KILL HIM FAST" strategy fails. Protect her, alterning the +2 and the 0 ability, for adjusting your board and eventually get to the ultimate that can resolve the game if you damaged your opponent before

    Creatures (32)

    Deeproot Elite
    for boost your unblockable Kumena or spreading +1/+1 counters for an decisive assault with Herald of Seceret Streams
    Herald of Secret Streams
    he resolves board stall in your favor
    Jadelight Ranger
    He prevents you from drawing lands and he boost himself
    Kumena's Speaker
    good turn 1/1 drop, potentially a 2/2 on t2 or even a 3/3
    Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca
    This guy make the deck work. He bypass the opponent defense or make you draw cards, or spread +1/+1 counters waiting for an Herald of Secret Streams
    Merfolk Branchwalker
    As Jadelight ranger, less powerfull but still a good card
    Merfolk Mistbinder
    Read the card explain the card
    Mist-Cloaked Herald
    After some test I arrived to the conclusion that this card is more usefull than unsummon, because u can't play the first three turn with a blue open man, so at that point is better for you to attack
    Silvergill Adept
    He allows you to stay aggro without getting out of resource

    Sideboard (15)

    Hadana's Climb
    usefull to break a stall board with your 10/10 flying unblockable kumena
    Heroic Intervention
    Vs Bontu's Last reckoning or simil. To side in vs control in replace of unsummon
    Kopala, Warden of Waves
    to side in vs control in replace of Herald of secret streams
    Vs Veichle. god pharaoh's gift, gearhulk and others
    River's Rebuke
    vs token. Also usefull vs other +1/+1 counters deck and energy deck
    Shapers' Sanctuary
    this maybe usefull vs control in replace of nissa.
    Spell Pierce
    usefull vs non-creature based deck
    Sideboard price: 34.48 € | $ 26.99

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Botanical Sanctum, Hashep Oasis, Scavenger Grounds, Blossoming Defense, Nissa, Steward of Elements, Heroic Intervention.

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