Jurassic Park (Modern)

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    Revision 1:Really loved this new creature type so i had to make the fastest dinosaur deck. It was hard getting the mana distribution right, this is my first tri-color deck, but Ranging Raptors really helps getting it locked down. Shout out to my boys Regi and Burning Sun's Avatar, those dudes are BOMB.

    Revision 2: I added drover and really enjoy him. With the amount of dinosaurs he's a 3/3 no problem, plus at a 2 cost with a tap {add 1 mana}, makes putting my Regi's out quickly, which in turn makes me throw Ghalta out like nothing! Etali is super key too, lets you get to put awesome creatures onto the battlefield for nothing, while also getting to cast a potential bomb in your opponent's deck. I had to keep it as overwhelming as possible. The Park couldn't keep in the Jurassic!
    Thunderherd Migration is a solid card, most times ill pay the {3} to not reveal and still be at a land advantage if I'm not already :P

    Revision 3:This deck was really put through its paces the last couple of weeks, and with the meta shift to something a little more solid, i made it consistent and powerful without lessening the aggro-nature of the dinosaurs. I realized that it was too creature heavy. I ran all the fatties (still do for the most part) but without anything to back them up. Thunderherd Migration keeps that ramp that i so desperately need. Settle the Wreckage for pirate, merfolk, and explorer decks that keep the dinosaurs on their toes! Blossoming defense is also a great add in my opinion. I really enjoy Ripjaw Tyrant so i put him in. I figure him and Gishath are good swaps. Abrade and Cast Out are game savers. I am consistently getting games where i do have 9 mana, and am still really on the fence about Zacama. I'm running one in the SB but if he's in my hand, ill likely mulligan. 1 copy doesn't give him much chance to come out, but i guess it's always nice to have him just in case. Blossoming Defense has potential to be really great, I haven't used it yet though, so maybe ill swap them out for the dual shots.

    SB isn't really anything noteworthy. I'll probably be adding slash of talons to the sb and maybe some other removal, but for the most part, this deck is stronk.

    When RIX comes out, ill probably fit a Zacama in there along with some newer cards as well. Lot of potential in the new set.
    -E; I love Zacama I do. But even with the Kinjali's Caller and Otopec Huntmaster discounts, by the time i can cast a {9}er i want to have already won.

    update 22/6/19 - The core20 update has piqued my interest with some of the dinos that are being spoiled. Probably going to run the Rotting Regisaur and Shifting Ceratops. Exciting stuff glad Wizards hasnt dropped this tribal off

    3/7/19 - Made some changes. Pretty much took white out, as i wasn't really running anything white besides Kinjali's Caller. Kept 1 plains in for diversities sake and it's needed for Gishath/Zacama but I figured the inspiring Vantages and Sunpetal Groves took care of that. Need some more testing but it's looking pretty good.


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