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Aven Envoy Book Burning Boros Recruit Brightstone Ritual Brightstone Ritual Bringer of the Red Dawn Cobalt Golem Crystal Rod Dragonshift Dual Casting Electrostatic Bolt Flash Counter Fog Bank Goblin Gardener Goblin Glider Goblin Striker Goblin War Strike Graceful Adept Great Furnace Hypersonic Dragon Inner Fire Island Island Island Island Island Island Kami of the Crescent Moon Lava Axe Lightning Blast Lightning Blast Lightning Surge Mogg Sentry Monastery Swiftspear Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Neurok Stealthsuit Nivmagus Elemental Pyrite Spellbomb Raging Goblin Ravaged Highlands Redirect Rewind Rewind Runechanter's Pike Seafloor Debris Shock Somber Hoverguard Soramaro, First to Dream Spark Elemental Stormbreath Dragon Sword of Fire and Ice Unsummon Vedalken Engineer Volcanic Hammer Volcanic Hammer War-Torch Goblin