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Alms of the Vein Aspect of Gorgon Avacyn's Judgment Blood-Cursed Knight Bloodfell Caves Bloodfell Caves Bloodfell Caves Bloodmad Vampire Call the Bloodline Cinder Barrens Cinder Barrens Dead Weight Dead Weight Essence Extraction Fiery Temper Fiery Temper Fiery Temper Frantic Purification Furyblade Vampire Gifted Aetherborn Incorrigible Youths Indulgent Aristocrat Insolent Neonate Lightning Axe Macabre Waltz Macabre Waltz Markov Crusader Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Murder Murderous Compulsion Nirkana Assassin Nomad Outpost Olivia's Bloodsworn Olivia's Dragoon Plains Prophetic Prism Prophetic Prism Rakish Heir Sengir Vampire Senseless Rage Stensia Banquet Strength of Isolation Stromkirk Captain Stromkirk Captain Stromkirk Mentor Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Ultimate Price Vampire Envoy Vampiric Fury Voldaren Duelist

Act of Treason Ancestral Vengeance Blinding Flare Blood-Cursed Knight Butcher's Glee Grotesque Mutation Kalastria Nightwatch Malakir Familiar Markov Crusader Neurok Hoversail Ruinous Gremlin Sengir Vampire Sliversmith Stensia Banquet Voldaren Duelist