Mastermind MBC (Standard)

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    Standard(T2) version of the infamous Mono Black Control from Pauper.
    Control the board with efficient removal and value creatures, finishing with a gigantic Dread Shade or fetching Torment of Hailfire from sideboard.

    The maindeck plan is to primarily hold off any SANIC speed aggros, while maintaining some decent plan against control.
    A flipped Thaumatic Compass or a well feed Dread Shade can hold any pesky god. You can also just Gonti them and use their god against your opponent as well. Keep in mind of The Scarab God, as he returns to your opponent's hand if somehow get killed, even if it was on your control.

    The four Treasure Maps are TRULY. PURE. GAS. Combine them with Ascended Arch of Orazca to piss the shit out of your control opponents.
    After game one, you can assure to them that YOU are the true control player, by bringing 12 hand discard effects(2 Divest, 4 Duress, 4 Doomfall, 2 Kitesail Freebooter), alongside Arguel's Blood Fast and Lost Legacy.

    Why Hour of Glory over Vraska's Contempt, you say? Because I don't have it lol
    This deck should probably pack some Bontu's Last Reckoning but, then again, I don't have these nor Yahenni's Expertise. Vine Mare is a thing, and you don't wanna be in the position where a horse starts hitting you with his massive, large, gigantic BODY directly in your life total.


    Sideboard price: 29.57 € | $ 22.20

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 18 — Oct 18)!

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