UR Thopters (Standard)

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    Vs Mardu Vehicles:
    -2 Reverse Engineer
    -1 Gonti's Aether Heart
    +1 Abrade
    +2 Magma Spray

    Goal is to get down an early goggles and start generating thopters and servos to efficiently trade. If they hazoret turn 4, you're going to need to either start racing or chump it with servos. Beware they play abrades.

    Vs God Pharaohs
    -2 Reverse Engineer
    -3 Harnessed Lightning
    -1 Aethersphere Harvester
    +1 Abrade
    +1 Crook of Condemnation
    +2 Sentinel Totem
    +1 Metallic Rebuke
    +1 Negate

    Not much to say besides try to beat them down with flyers while you try to stall them out of getting online. The goal is to have a piece of interaction assuming they can turn 4 refurbish into GFG. You can still lose to a bunch of angel's of invention, however, so don't durdle around too long. If you can whirr for your crook out safely without needing to crack it, you should win the long game.

    Vs Grixis Midrange

    -2 Abrade
    -1 Skysovereign
    -1 Aethersphere Harvester
    +1 Commit // Memory
    +1 Metallic Rebuke
    +2 Spell Pierce

    -2 Abrade
    -1 Aethersphere harvester
    +2 Confiscation Coup
    +1 Metallic Rebuke

    This sort of deck hopes to get an early glint-sleeve siphoner and/or their own whirler virtuoso, then stall with good removal and scarab god. Note they play very few counters so negates and spell pierces aren't required. We bring in the confiscation coups and 4th metallic rebuke as answers to scarab god, but overall we hope they just never draw it. This is a pretty bad matchup, considering they can theoretically have perfect answers to everything we can do. Just jam your threats while trying to play around scarab god if possible.

    Vs Control (Esper, UW, UB)

    This is probably the hardest to blanket sideboard against. It all depends on what kind of threats they're going to have. Typically taking out Skysovereign, Aethersphere Harvester, and even the inventor's goggles will never be a bad choice. It's knowing when you can take out your removal as required that's important. Will they have gearhulks you can still abrade? What if they bring in glint-sleeve siphoners or regal caracals? Some people even have Baral. Never bring in graveyard hate against them, it's just not worth it. Some combination of commit, metallic rebuke, negate, and spell pierces are what you're going to want.


    Sideboard price: 10.00 € | $ 9.32

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Jan 18 — Apr 18)!

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