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Amoeboid Changeling Ancient Ziggurat Anthem of Rakdos Antler Skulkin Authority of the Consuls Avian Changeling Blooming Marsh Changeling Berserker Changeling Hero Changeling Sentinel Changeling Titan Collective Blessing Concealed Courtyard Darksteel Forge Diabolic Tutor Door of Destinies Dramatic Reversal Failed Inspection Fang Skulkin Favor of the Mighty Fertile Thicket Field Creeper Fire-Belly Changeling Forest Forest Forest Fortified Village Foundry Inspector Game Trail Game-Trail Changeling Ghostly Changeling Ghostway Glorious Anthem Harvest Hand Haunted Cloak Heap Doll Highland Lake Hoof Skulkin Inspiring Statuary Inventors' Fair Island Island Island Jawbone Skulkin Looming Spires Lurebound Scarecrow March of the Returned Marionette Master Marshal's Anthem Metalwork Colossus Mistform Ultimus Moonglove Changeling Mortuary Mire Mothdust Changeling Mountain Mountain Mountain Natural Connection Nissa's Renewal One-Eyed Scarecrow Opulent Palace Padeem, Consul of Innovation Panharmonicon Plains Plains Plains Prairie Stream Prophetic Prism Rattleblaze Scarecrow Reaper King Rite of Replication Rooftop Storm Saheeli's Artistry Sandstone Bridge Scoured Barrens Skeletal Changeling Skyline Cascade Stirring Wildwood Stone Quarry Sultai Banner Swamp Swamp Swamp Swiftwater Cliffs Tatterkite Temple of Silence Tezzeret's Ambition Thornwood Falls Trading Post Transguild Promenade Turtleshell Changeling Unknown Shores War-Spike Changeling Watchwing Scarecrow Wicker Warcrawler Wicker Witch Wild-Field Scarecrow Woodland Changeling Xenograft Yavimaya Coast