Dark Purple - FNM Jank (Standard)

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    Dimir Control with mostly early hand disruption followed countering the midgame threats I learned about by looking at opponent's hand, with a smaller removal package to back that up. Surveil bolsters smaller set of draw spells, making them worth more.

    MAIN JANK WINCON: Cast unmoored ego T5 (or whenever counterspells are unlikely) then while it is on the stack, copy it with expansion//explosion. The copy resolves 1st, and by turn 5 or later - and by peeking at opponent's hand with duress and thought erasure - you should have a good idea of what card to name when the copy resolves. You get to search through the opponents library to find the best card to name when the original spell resolves.

    Teferi and crackling drake (or seal away / settle, chemister's insight)
    Carnage tyrant and find//finality
    Arclight phoenix and goblin electromancer (or enigma drake)
    Niv Mizzitt and crackling drake
    History of benalia and benalish marshal
    Experimental frenzy and risk factor

    This can screw with a whole lotta popular, competitive standard decks. It can also get smashed by a whole lotta popular, competitive decks. It's definitely FNM level.

    Traditional Finisher is Doom Whisperer or large Expansion//Explosion, with the walls on early defense - if they survive, they can also act as finishing pressure after Surveil triggers beef them up.

    Sideboard is a switcheroo-type thing, siding in 13 creatures. Take out duress, thought erasure, unmoored ego, mission briefing, 2x expansion//explosion. Usually effective once opponent sides out most removal after 1st game, or they use it up on early thoughtbound phantasm because they only saw 1 or 2 creatures in the 1st game.

    If you successfully stole game 1 by playing and copying unmoored ego - a card players have universally categorized as 'unplayable trash' - this switcharoo sideboard plan will help you steal game 2.

    Using isareth's attack trigger to bring back lazav is great. Isareth either gets through or kills a decent blocker as she dies. If she diesin combat, next turn give lazav isareth's ability to bring back isareth, total of 5 mana for that turn.

    Expansion//Explosion is a phenomenal card. Doubles your removal spells or an opponent's chemister's insight in a pinch, or copy their counterspell. If you don't need it for anything like that, late game it is removal or burn with big card draw to let you turn the corner. Can't believe it is still uner $3.

    The deck is over 60 cards and that's ok. You can't have gotten this far reading the deck summary and still be expecting peak competitive tailoring :)

    Just opened a 3rd Doom Whisperer and I'm not even sure I want to add it. 2 have been just fine.


    Sideboard price: 26.63 € | $ 11.88

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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