Minus One-derful (-1/-1 fun) (Casual)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)

    Sorceries (2)


    Negative counters do fun things. I hope it will be fun. For me, not the opponent(s). I wish I could find a way to give first strike to the creatures with wither / deathtouch, even if only one of the two groups (black: wither; green snakes: deathtouch) - any ideas that would just slide right in? EDIT: Adding in The Scorpion god will give red, which allows lots of access to first strike

    Cards that could be switched out for better are below, maybe replaced with more removal/opponent interaction that fits deck, or on ways to generate more negative counters, or draw (altar's reap?) UPDATE: Read the bones added; no token needed to cast, 2 life instead and the extra scry is well worth it.

    Blossoming Defense - green needed for Hapatra, so this is available and good for protecting necroskitter from removal, or any other creature that grabs a target and is really working, or a combat trick for enough wither to kill and steal. UPDATE: I have not found many opportunities where this finds use. If they are targeting a creature and I feel I need to save it, I am probably already losing; if I don't feel like it's necessary, I am probably already winning. Does that make sense? I'm leaving it in for now to playtest more, until I find a better.

    3rd copy of Necroskitter - for any other creature I have 1 or 2 of that could use another copy - or one of the possible additions listed below. It was the inspiration for this deck, but utility rules.

    Other Possible Additions:
    Pharika, God of Affliction seems like a natural fit. Also, Deity of Scars. HOUR OF DEVASTATION SPOILER: The Scorpion God is a frontrunner to add - 6/5 that returns to hand when it dies, makes negative counters for 3, draws when ANY creature dies with a -1/-1 counter. 3BR, so I'll have to splash but it should open up new ways to explore the theme.

    Lands - 22 lands is two short of normal, not depending on large cmc spells to win it for me but I think I'm pushing it. The cycling forests have worked well a few times.

    Zulaport cutthroat and yahenni might be considered unnecessary 'win more', but gets around any restrictions to combat damage from horde of snakes and insects by sacrificing them instead. Sac outlet only needed if a -1/-1 counter isn't handy or enchantment combo is broken up, so yahenni probably is too much. UPDATE: This combo is great when the other cards get the attention. Zulaport cutthroat just with the token/negative counter combo going can do so much in multiplayer.
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