Double Infinite Combo (Blue Artifacts) (Standard)

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    Q: What is the correct amount of infinity to put into a deck? Double! Double infinity is good.

    This deck is something I've been playtesting and it's super fun. There are two infinite combos in here and if you tweak it a bit there's a third wincon that's heaps of fun too.

    Infinite combo 1: Cogwork assembler, 3 x powerstone shard, 4 open mana
    With all of those on the board, you can tap all the powerstone shards for mana, use cogwork assembler to copy a powerstone shard, tap it for mana, copy another powerstone shard, etc. When you are tapping a powerstone shard for 14 mana, then you can begin copying a cogworks assembler, then a powerstone shard, then a cogworks etc ad infinitum. All the cogworks have haste. Swing and attack with 40 cogworks.

    Infinite combo 2: Have either a Bontu's monument or an aetherflux reservoir on the battlefield, and using your mana and / or powerstone shards, have 7 mana available.
    The trick here is to cast: release to the wind, then Naru Meha, Master Mage. Target anything with Release to the Wind, because it's at the bottom of a very big stack. Since Naru has flash, you can copy Release the Wind that's on the stack. It enters the battlefield, and then Release triggers, so you can copy the original spell and change the target from your original to the newly cast Naru Meha... Then you can loop through casting Naru Meha for free, changing the target to Release the Wind, copy it and target himself to exile him, then cast him for free.

    Infinite ETB triggers will drain life with Bontu, and will also gain you life with aetherflux reservoir which you use to kill the opponent.

    A third combo requires paradox engine, which is in the sideboard, and it's simply to get it out on the field with a few powerstone shards and cast Pull from Tomorrow for a huge X count, then cast a small spell, so Paradox untaps all your shards, which you use to cast another one in your hand, which untaps all the mana producers, etc. Only works with artifacts (and is prob best as a separate deck) but it's loads of fun when you cast half your deck in a single turn and float 38 mana.

    This deck is loads of fun and reasonably cheap too. Use unsummon to deal with troublesome enemies or to flicker your trophy mage to get out another powerstone shard.


    Sideboard price: 22.96 € | $ 14.04


    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season Jan 18 — Apr 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Naban, Dean of Iteration, Naru Meha, Master Wizard, Tempest Djinn, Powerstone Shard.

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