Progs Mazin' Lands (EDH / Commander)

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    Do you like lands that enter tapped? Do you like throwing good money after bad money? Do you like trying to win at multiplayer magic with spikey cards to pull off the world's worst wincon? Do you like using an illegal commnader? Then come on down!

    Genju of the Realm! Spirit Barf the universe!

    This is my favourite deck. It has never won the way I want it to.

    The deck does three things: a splash of grouphug, creature-land voltron, and trying to Maze's End (emphasis on 'trying'). How it plays depends on what you draw. But someday I dream of scapeshifting with amulet of vigor and 11 lands on the field so that I can finally *finally* use Maze's End's ability to win a game of EDH. Knowing me, I'll try it, then realize I scapeshifted for 9 guildgates and a bounce land. But a boy can dream, and a prince can tax the dreams of his peasants!

    Also note: O-Kagachi is in the sideboard for when I sit down with players who refuses to play against Genju of the Realms. But just look at Genju: he/she/it/ze is sweet. It's powerful but fair. It should have a clause on it that says "Genju of the Realms can be your commander." It still won't be able to deal commander damage, but who cares! He's super super fun! And ugly! o my lord the art on this thing is yeesh



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