General Tazri - 5 Color Combos (EDH / Commander)

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    Hermit Druid:
    1. Tutor for a Hermit Druid or have one in hand.
    2. Cast Hermit Druid.
    3. Activate Hermit Druid and mill your entire deck. Trigger Narcomoeba to the battlefield. Unearth Fatestitcher or Dregscape Zombie.
    4a. Flash back Dread Return (Using Hermit Druid, Fatesticher, Zombie, Narcomoeba, etc) targeting Angel of Glory's Rise. Trigger her ability. Bringing back Laboratory Maniac, Azami, Lady of Scrolls, and other humans.
    5a. Draw cards with wizards, Azami and Lab Maniac to mill out and win.
    - Sylvan Safekeeper protects Lab Man and Azami from any type of removal spells like Lightning Bolt or Swords to Plowshares as you try to win.
    - Snapcaster Mage, if chosen to be in list, can target counter spells or draw spells.
    - Mirror entity and Hermit Druid come back out and can't be missed with Angel Trigger. They are not necessary, but can be utilized in corner cases.
    - Serra Avatar can be removed from list, but can be a nice fail safe in case you need an extra turn to win. But it make it so you need to draw two cards with Lab Man out rather than one.

    - Alternatively, if playing with a Cabal Therapy in the list, the Survival of the Fittest combo can be used as well.
    4b. Flash back Dread Return targeting Reveillark. Flash back Cabal Therapy, sacrificing Reveillark (or get Reveillark to the graveyard in some other manner). Return Body Double and Mirror Entity to the battlefield with Reveillark's ability. Body Double targets Reveillark, which is Step 2 of the Survival of the Fittest combo below.
    5b. From then on, see Survival of the Fittest combo below and follow through.

    Cephalid Breakfast:
    1. Alternative way to mill entire deck to win through same Hermit Druid combo.
    2. Cast Cephalid Illusionist and card with 0 mana target ability (Nomads-en-Kor, Shuko or Lightning Greaves) on the field.
    3. With Cephalid Illusionist on the field, target with 0 Mana Ability card enough times to mill your deck, but not draw yourself out and mill.
    - A common misconception is that like Lightning Greaves, you must have another creature to equip in order to target the Illusionist ad nauseum with Shuko. This is incorrect. The difference is, Greaves makes the creature it equips untargetable - Shuko does not. You can have Cephalid Illusionist as your only creature, and target it a million times with Shuko. With Lighting Greaves you would need a second creature to go back and forth with Illusionist.

    Survival of the Fittest (Reveillark + Body Double + Mirror Entity + Win Con):
    - Survival of the Fittest allows you to get Body Double, Mirror Entity, and Win Con Creature (Kalastria Healer or Halimar Excavator) in the graveyard as you tutor Reveillark last. Allowing you to get the three creatures in the graveyard in case you cannot mill your entire deck. It is slower but a way to win if other mill outlets get disrupted. Or if need to be cautious about going all in with your deck.
    1. Evoke Reveillark, reanimating both Body Double and Mirror Entity.
    2. Body Double copies the dead Reveillark.
    3. Activate Mirror Entity 1000+ times for 0. The first activation resolves and kills your team. The Body Doubled Lark's ability triggers as it leaves play.
    4. Reanimate both Body Double and Win Con Creature (One of the Food Chain Allies) with the Body Doubled Lark's ability. In this list, Kalastria Healer will ping for one, and mill for one over and over.
    5. The next Mirror Entity activation resolves, killing your whole team. Step 2 is repeated as well as step 3 (minus the Mirror Entity activation), continuing to trigger Body Double and Win Con
    - Corner case scenarios allow you to mill yourself with Halmiar Excavator and win with the Angel of Glory's Rise, just be sure to state how many times your milling to correctly mill yourself without milling more cards than are left in your deck.

    Food Chain:
    1. Have Food Chain and an Exile Creature (Misthollow Griffin or Eternal Scourge) on the battle field.
    2. Exile an Exile Creature (Griffin or Scourge) for blue mana
    3. With Food Chain mana recast Exile Creature netting one mana
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 1000+ mana of every color.
    5. Cast General Tazri, trigger General Tazri's ability. Retrieve and ally.
    6. With Win Con Ally on the battlefield. Exile General Tazri with Food Chain for mana, recast general of the command zone. Trigger Win Con Ally's ability.
    7. Repeat step 6 1000+ times for the win. Feel free to grab new allies on the first few different casts.


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