Living End (Fast & Budget) (Modern)

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    Well, I mainly focused my mainboard on getting the job done ideally on turn 3/4.
    Lots of 1 mana cyclers, "free" cycling Street Wraith s and Faerie Macabre to discard for free before casting our Living End through cascade, this provide us some control on opponents graveyard, also Faerie Macabre can be used to protect our Living End in our graveyard against Surgical Extraction s and Extirpate, so maybe we should keep one macabre in hand to do this after Living End. Simian Spirit Guide help us ramping our Violent Outburst on opponents 1 turn before they could expect it or have something to counter it, with the enough amount of buddies in our graveyard that would make us the match. And if that is not enough we also have a surprise when we attack pumping any of our creatures with Ghor-Clan Rampage, which makes our Desert Cerodon 10/8 with trample, or maybe a Curator of Mysteries hitting by 8 and giving us a scry, also archfiend of ifnir combines so good with rampage, making a 9/8 flyer that puts a -1/-1 on opponents creatures, then giving an aditional -1/-1 with Faerie Macabre! Ghor-Clan Rampager is also a "cheap" hardcasting creature so it could help us surviving until we can cast Living End again. Sweet!
    I decided to mainboard Leyline of the Void because I love it, hating anyone's graveyard "just in case", we can sideboardit in matches 2 an 3 after all, no removal on mainboard, I know it could be a mistake, but makes the deck so fast and focused it can beat almost every match 1.
    For matches 2 and 3 we've got some Ricochet Traps to deal with annoying counterspells, 1 Leyline of Sanctity to prevent burn decks splashing all their bolts on our face and also prevents us of being Thoughtseize d too, Anger of the Gods to remove any blocker that our opponent could have left, a couple of Beast Withins to deal with anything (also lands, as you can see I haven't got any Fulminator Mage due to its paper cost), 1 Gnaw to the Bone to restore lots of life (even twice per match) against burn, a Lost Legacy and some evoking creatures to get rid of artifacts or creatures at the same time that we keep on filling our graveyard with cheap dudes, and the last card I tested and worked really well against Blood moon, Rest in Peace, Chalice of the Void, Relic of Progenitus and lots of drop 1/2/3 permanents (lots of planeswalkers in this list) is Culling Scales, being an artifact we can cast it after being blood mooned and it nevers removes any of our permanents (when the cheapest cmc is 3 we can target culling itself), and also makes our opponents to play different (they cast a lot of cheap perms while culling's on battlefield!). And finally lands, lots of Mana Confluence, gemstone and other rainbow lands that provides us continuous cycling losing insignificant amount of life for the first turns, also some checklands nearly always enter untapped when we need them and some basic lands (all colors but red) to use with path to exile and ghost quarter.
    Hope you like it, any suggestions comment below.


    Sideboard price: 17.90 € | $ 9.63

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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