Destructive Evil (Legacy)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)

    So i wanted to build a Demons Themed Deck.
    The "Strategy" itself is very simple. Wipe the Board Clean and punishing your enemy for having lots of Creatures until you can get your Demons out which will (in the best case) End the Game quickly and maintain Control over the Board.
    The Deck is very Removal heavy with cards like: go for the throat, Languish and Killing Wave. (I was thinking about including Ultimate Price as well) and most Demons Effects themselves
    Other ways of Removal are the Various Deathtouch Creatures like the Rancid Rats, Bone Picker or Harvester of Souls.
    To further Capitalize the Removal I included the before mentioned Harvester of Souls,Bone Picker and also Eternal Thirst, which helps this deck stay longer in the match with lifelink.
    To get faster to the more Expensive Demons, I included some Ramp in form of Dark Ritual, Bontu's Monument (not sure about this one) and Carrier Thrall (Which can also be a good Chump Blocker).
    I'm not sure if it's possible for this deck to last long enough to gain Control over the board or if it needs more 2drops (I included some in the Maybeboard). Squelching Leeches is also a matter to discuss, though i liked it since you will mostly cast it for 4 and it has the potential to grow by itself (even more with Eternal thirst) and is capable of surviving a languish.
    Any Advice is welcome, don't forget though, that i'm trying to keep it rather budget. ;)




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