What was wizards thinking releasing these broken cards? (Standard)

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    hhhhmmmmmm........ ok wizards decided that they need to make the entire standard format go down to a coin flip.

    there is a few cool combos in this deck, and they are as follows

    you get a Paradox Engine on the battlefield along with a Servant of the Conduit. You also have to get rid of all your energy (likely by tapping your Servant of the Conduit for mana). With this setup, you can cast your Greenbelt Rampager and it will make an energy, bounce back to your hand, and untap your Servant of the Conduit (thanks to Paradox Engine). Then, you can use Servant of the Conduit to turn that energy into a green mana to cast Greenbelt Rampager, which will again bounce back to your hand after creating an energy—rinse and repeat. Throw in an Aetherflux Reservoir, and you can gain infinite life and also dome your opponent for 50 damage an infinite number of times!

    both pieces of the combo are super-efficient, with Animation Module costing only one mana and Metallic Mimic costing two mana. Even better, both pieces are colorless, which means this combo can theoretically slot into any deck.

    The basic idea is to get both pieces on the battlefield at the same time with Metallic Mimic set on Servo. Then, whenever you get a counter on a creature (which you can do with Animation Module if need be), you start a loop where you get a 1/1 Servo with a +1/+1 counter thanks to Metallic Mimic, which triggers Animation Module, allowing you to pay one to make another 1/1 Servo (which enters with a +1/+1 counter thanks to Metallic Mimic), which lets you pay one to make another Servo. The end result is that you can make a 2/2 Servo token for each mana you spend, allowing you to amass a huge board of Servo tokens in just a couple of turns!

    (credit to MTGgoldfish for the deck idea)



    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Apr 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.

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