[Competitive] Domain Midrange (with Skred and Aura synergies) (Pauper)

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    This decks takes the best from the Domain package (Matca Rioters and Tribal Flames), with the best of the Snow package (Skred and Gelid Shackles), with the addition with the Kor Skyfisher utility (with Abundant Growth, Nylea's Presence and all other etb effects we have), and with the aura package around the tutoring of Heliod's Pilgrim.

    The basic idea of the deck is a mix between Boros Monarch and Angler-Delver. We want to mantain value sometimes, while other times we can cast a turn 2 Nylea's Presence followed by a turn 3 5/5 Matca Rioters. There are plenty of ways in the deck to give evasion to out creatures as well as to deal with most of the threats that will be present against the decks in the meta.

    This deck is more powerful for it's aura package, but it is not dependant on it. If you think your opponent runs mass enchantment destruction just play around ir being a bit more conservative with your enchantments in hand. The only cards that depend on enchantments in the deck are Aura Gnarlid and Ancestral Mask, and they are still decent with only one aura on the battlefield and amazing when there are more.

    Card explanations:

    Nylea's Presence and Abundant Growth are our color fixers in early game. They draw us a card, and also Nylea's Presence enables maximum Domain on its own. For the late game we should have been using our lands to fetch our remaining land types.

    Kor Skyfisher does in our deck the same as in Boros Monarch. But is can also be used to change place of auras we control, or to recast a Fists of Ironwood for that extra tokens against edicts.

    Matca Rioters is our equivalent to the Gurmag Angler in this deck (except that it always costs 3 and does not suffer from opponents' Bojuka Bog s).

    Tribal Flames is both a removal of choice and a finisher. On early game can reliably deal 2 to 3 damage, while one with Domain can kill a Gurmag Angler, or make an opponent lose a quarter of its starting life. If you have domain and somehow 4 Tribal Flames in hand and 8 lands, four of those adding red, you have most surely won. More often than note just one of those seals the gameafter some beating.

    Aura Gnarlid is our other beater. Its ability counts our land enchantments too, which makes it quite big in midgame, and huge in lategame. Also has built in evasions which makes it a perfect choice for the deck.

    Skred is our other removal of choice. Well known for its use in Skred Delver, lets us take advantage of our reliance in basic lands and our higher land count.

    Heliod's Pilgrim is the swiss-army knife on this deck. For a start it can tutor us Nylea's Presence to ensure easy Domain, but also has much more utility:

    - Fists of Ironwood is our tutorable anwer against edicts. You can enchant it to a small creature of an opponent and still get the same value. Can give evasion to our Matca Rioters and can be bounced with Kor Skyfisher for extra tokens.

    - Vampiric Link is our choice against fast decks. It provides a very useful lifegain, although can also be used on an opposing creature to turn it's net damage output to zero (unless you're dealt lethal damage before the lifegain trigger resolves, be cautious).

    - Snake Umbra can be our extra card draw engine, while providing some extra pump and protection via totem armor. This is the reason why this deck does not run Monarch Cards. It is usually faster that Boros Monarch so not that many cards are expected to be drawn while the resilience provided by Snake Umbra can be really welcome.

    - Pentarch Ward is our control-decks-killer. If you are able to stick this only a Aura Gnarlid or a Matca Rioters, and you have creatures to protect against edicts, then the game is settled. Also includes evasion wich doubles its effectiveness.

    - Ancestral Mask is the tutorable beater of the deck. In this deck it as good as in Bogles: if you are winning, it settles the game. If you are losing, it does not do nearly as much, but still pumps a nice bit. Only one is run since we can tutor it exactly when needed.

    - Gelid Shackles is our tutorable removal. It is our main response against Atog and Ulamog's Crusher, and an useful removal choice overall.

    - Skygames is the tutorable evasion card choice. I chose this over Cartouche of Knowledge since we already run Pentarch Ward, and we can play it safely whithout risking instant speel killing of the creature it is targetting. We run a high land count so making us lose one land is not usually that much o a problem (and you can still use the land for mana instead of for the ability), and it can also change target each time it is used, which turns it for me a solid choice.

    For the sideboard:

    I chose the amazing JungleBorn Pioneer since it serves both as protections against edicts and as a hexproof creature over which we can safely play our Ancestral Mask.

    Prismatic Strands are our choice of fog-like effects. Here they do as well as in Boros Monarch, protecting us from aggro decks, burn decks and combo decks reliant on damage.

    Negate is our counterspell choice, since has only one blue in ist cost, it is more useful against Tron decks than Mana Leak or Spell Pierce, can counter spells such as Flame Slash and aura spells which Dispel can't, we can afford the 2 mana cost with the higher land count we run, and we can already deal with creatures with all our other removal. Stick in them four putting out some removal against any control matchup for a very nice tempo advantage.

    Agains Affinity and Bogles we run the corresponding package for each: two Ancient Grudge and a single tutorable Flamespeaker's Will, and the equivalent for Bogles with Ray of Revelation and Mortal Obstinacy. This the best configuration I have thought of against these matchups.

    Some land destruction of graveyard hate could be added to the sideboard, but for now it performs nicely as it is.

    Hope you like it and if so please give it a like :)


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