Rally behind Naya! (EDH / Commander)

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    Welcome to Rally Behind Naya!

    Samut Voice of Dissent is Ugly as sin, possibly more ugly. She's no Topan Freeblade, but she is unquestionably our best option. She's human, gives our creatures haste and can just carry the game. She is practically mandatory in the deck. I've tried it without. It bites. My only recommendation would be to send her in to an artist to get a custom artwork done to improve her aesthetics.

    This is a human tribal deck (mostly, I mean come on, who actually pulls off a complete tribal theme? I wanted that Kaladesh spice - hope of ghirapur so I had to compromise) The battle plan is to play fast, get creatures on board quickly with mana producers, swing with combat buffs and repeat. So lets look at that mana.

    The land base is primarily budget, with some splurging for shock lands like Stomping Ground and Temple Garden, as well as one fetchland, Windswept heath. We don't want multiple fetch lands really because too many might jeopardize our land drops.

    The mana rocks and dorks is where it gets fun.
    For Rocks we have some two mana options (no sol ring, the double colorless isn't terribly useful in our low cmc deck, we have too many colored mana costs.)
    Gruul Signet
    Selesnya Signet
    Boros Signet
    Fellwar Stone
    Mind Stone
    and Cryptolith Rite can be amazing to ramp with your many cheap creatures, now everyone can tap for mana!

    Avacyn's Pilgrim
    Channeler Initiate is pretty good as an early game play that becomes larger the more we use it.
    Honored Hierarch can be good as a turn one play, the further in the game we are, the less useful it becomes. When opponents have a board state, we can't confidently sneak him in. But if you get to the point where all opponents build impenetrable boards, we likely lose at that point anyway, RIP in peace naya humans

    On to Creatures. Our best Creatures will be the ones that give combat buffs. Some just buff damage.

    Accorder Paladin
    Consul's Lieutenant is like honored hierarch, great in early game but difficult to swing in with in a late game board state.
    Hamlet Captain
    Hero of Bladehold great creature, adds more bodies each attack
    Honored Crop-Captain
    Mayor of Avabruck
    Pianna, Nomad Captain
    Riot Ringleader
    Signal Pest
    Sunhome Guildmage A worse Hero, with the right board state, it could be more dangerous, idk it's fine
    Thalia's Lieutenant has an etb that places counters and grows bigger as we commit more threats, great card

    There's also some non +X rally bots
    Frontline Medic grants indestructibility, we can swing with impunity
    Odric, Lunarch Marshal shares abilities like double strike and vigilance among our creatures
    Odric, Master Tactician can absolutely just win you the game, especially if deployed after Samut the Tested is on board

    Card advantage:
    I'll be honest, we're not blue, people. without hemorrhaging cash, we're not drawing cards. That being said, we do have some options.
    In land cards we have some cycle dual lands in Naya
    Scattered Groves
    Sheltered Thicket

    Path of Ancestry is great for the scry.

    In artifacts we have Lifecrafter's bestiary. I love the card, it may not be incredible, but it carried me in standard, so it gets a spot in the deck.

    Finally we have some creatures with card draw.
    Ranger of Eos is weird, but good. We can grab some amazing creatures with his ability, tons of answers and tons of humans
    Humble Defector can be a good political tool
    Duskwatch Recruiter is a HUMAN in NAYA that can draw cards as an ability. INSTANT INCLUDE!

    Fun stuff!
    this is the combo
    Uncage the Menagerie can be cast for four to draw several incredible humans (or cast it for more to grab some Odrics) but at 4 mana, you draw like 20 2 CMC humans. Play one or two humans. Attack. Discard a dozen or more humans, Pass. Great. Next turn you can drop Angel of Glory's Rise to return all humans to the battlefield and exile some zombies. Suck it black decks!

    We also have Eldritch evolution for specific cards, Note, Eldritch Evolution targeting Samut the Tested for Angel Of Glory's Rise WILL return Samut and all graveyard Creatures with haste to the field.
    Eladamri's call could be good, maybe not. I like it.

    Lightning Axe is a personal favorite. I love my opponents baffled faces when I bop their commander for 5.

    Tilonalli's Summoner is a new inclusion, really fun to explode fireballs into opponents.

    Hope of Ghirapur is great for guaranteeing we can land threats. No one expects the hope of Ghirapur!

    Our angels are a new inclusion.
    We have Angel of Sanctions for a flying, recursive, exile creature, one of my favorite cards.
    We also have Angel of Condemnation for another exile creature.
    We have Angel of Invention which is another rally bot, only as an angel. There are undoubtedly better options, but this gets us another angel and specifically an angel from Kaladesh! :)
    Finally we have our greatest card, Angel of Glory's rise. It is sublime.

    The game plan is to swing early and often. We want to win through combat damage and that will necessitate losing some creatures. If you think an opponent will block one of your rally creatures, try swinging your rally creatures at one opponent who won't and your disposable creatures at the opponent you're most concerned about. Not every single creature needs to target the same opponent. Diversify to maximize your utility. People pick certain commanders like Sram Senior Edificer for a reason, they won't likely trade their commander for a 2 drop creature.

    Another tip is don't forget Samut Voice of Dissent has vigilance AND can untap creatures for one white mana!



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