Evolving Simic Wilds : a U/G growing/ramp modern deck (Modern)

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    This deck is based around the Evolve mecanic, and around Kruphix, God of Horizons.
    // Take care : \\ The Sideboard and Maybeboard aren't improved at all, and reflect cards that can be used in other purpose, or random idea, and may be not optimized. If you want to build your own deck around my deck, check this out ! This deck has also 68 cards, i know, but i found him optimized, so i will keep him like that already, or until you make a great suggestion !

    Quite strategy explications :

    - The deck is based around evolve mecanic : cards like " Gyre Sage ", " Fathom Mage " and " Elusive Krasis " will be the center of your deck, especially the last.

    - At the beginning of the game, set a land per turn, like normally, and set up "Gyre Sage", "Zameck Guildmage" or any Turn 3 the more fast you can.

    - Build up with more and more powerful creatures. " Greenbelt Rampager ", one of the most powerful card in the deck ( yes it's a T1 from Aether Revolt ) will trigger evolve for most creatures 3 times !
    When you haven't this card, or your creatures with evolve are already with goods stats, their effect will be useful :
    " Gyre Sage " is an insane ramp card;
    " Elusive Krasis " will go face at all turn and deal great damage, it's one of your main cards;
    " Fathom mage " will help you draw : notice this card will trigger if more than one counter is moved, so it's a great combo with " Bioshift " or all same effects of the deck.

    - "Plaxcaster Frogling" will protect your creatures with evolve, and additionnaly move her counter onto more interesting creatures.
    " Renegade Krasis " will help you build up while building up himself. Take care, he can only be triggered 2 times by " Greenbelt Rampager ".
    " Vorel of the Hull Clade " will double the amount of counter on your more interresting creatures : abuse of his effect !

    - " Fathom Mage " will be, like saying before, an insane drawing way for this deck.
    " Master Biomancer " is, I think, a very overpowered card in this deck. If you have this very early with the ramp of " Gyre Sage ", or after a moment with lot of drawing, transfer counter on it with " Bioshift ", " Give // Take " or " Zameck Guildmage " and you can build an army very quickly.

    - " Kruphix, God of Horizons ", " Murkfiend Liege " and " Prophet of Kruphix " will be here to ramp, boost, and provide an insane value ( many cards with X for Kruphix and " Prophet of Kruphix " and many multicolored cards for " Murkfiend Liege " ).

    - To finish the game : Abuse of X effect with you mana provided by lands, " Gyre Sage ", "Kruphix, God of Horizons" and " Prophet of Kruphix " or " Bounty of the Luxa ".
    The X-manacost-effects are very useful to trigerring the evolve more and more. Those effects are : " Altered Ego ", " " Nimbus Swimmer " and " Protean Hydra ". Note those effects are versatil and can be used before late game of very late game to boost your creatures, have more board, or copy an already powerful creature with " Altered Ego ".

    - " Momir Vig, Simic Visionary " and " Prime Speaker Zegana " ( my favourite card due to it's style, it's extreme value and body on board ), will be useful with their overpowered effects, to outvalue your opponent or outcome a difficult situation.

    - All the game, the following cards will be here to help you growing :
    • " Bioshift " to transfer counter if a creature would die ( to save her or transfer her counter to a more useful creature, during a block phase )
    • " Voidslime " : you are a +1/+1 counter deck, so you are very weak versus control decks. Bounce effect will be hard but you have the capacity to tempo. Massive bounce effect, like " Engulf the Shore " will be horrible, so there is 2 versatile counterspell to prevent big spells, creatures, or bounce effects. They will be useful in many situation, and the mana cost won't be a problem at all, because you want to use this in late game.
    • " Bounty of the Luxa " : value, and value. A great card, but i think she can be replaced by an other card of you choice, cause this deck already has many drawing effects and 3 mana-generation effects.
    • " Bred for the Hunt ", massive drawing effect, combo with " Elusive Krasis " and " Nimbus Swimmer " ( that have flying )
    • " Favor of the Overbeing ", a very powerful buff card because this deck has many multicolored Blue/Green cards. Combo with " Simic Guildmage " in Side-Deck.

    About lands :
    I know this deck is not optimized in lands, because in modern we have more powerful lands, but i made this deck with the cards i can buy, not with 15 Euros per lands. But feel free to replace basic land with those lands, if you have them, or the money.
    " Botanical Sanctum " will be super in early game, and it's a normal bi-land in late game.
    " Novijen, Heart of Progress " and also " Oran-Rief, the Vastwood " : those generators will help you putting more and more +1/+1 counter, if you have the mana for this !

    I'm open for any suggestion, or support ; It's my first real Modern Deck.

    I hope you enjoyed, have a nice day, and may the mana luck be with you !


    Sideboard price: 14.84 € | $ 18.31


    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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