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ArchaeomancerArmillary SphereAshiok, Dream RenderAugur of BolasBarren MoorBojuka BogBrainstormCavern HarpyChittering RatsChronic FloodingCloud of FaeriesCommand TowerCondescendCounterspellCrypt RatsCurse of the Bloody TomeCursed RackDevious Cover-UpDiabolic EdictDimir AqueductDimir GuildgateDinrova HorrorDisfigureDismal BackwaterDream StalkerEvincar's JusticeEvolving WildsExcludeFaceless ButcherFaerie SeerForbidden AlchemyGhostly FlickerGlasses of UrzaGrasp of DarknessGray Merchant of AsphodelGuildpact InformantGurmag AnglerGushHalimar DepthsHymn to TourachIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandJace's ErasureKaya's GhostformLiliana's SpecterLonely SandbarMesmeric FiendMnemonic WallMortuary MireMulldrifterMurderMystical TeachingsNightscape FamiliarNinja of the Deep HoursOb Nixilis's CrueltyOkiba-Gang ShinobiPestermitePonderPortentPreordainRaven's CrimeReality AcidRecoilRewindRhystic StudyShriekhornSnapSnuff OutSpellstutter SpriteSubmerged BoneyardSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampTerramorphic ExpanseThorn of the Black RoseThought CollapseThrummingbirdTidehollow StrixTragic SlipTreasure CruiseTrespasser's CurseUnwindVedalken AethermageVictim of NightWayfarer's Bauble