Vorel +1/+1 Madness [Budget Options included] (EDH / Commander)

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    Hey guys!

    Welcome to the deck profile of my Vorel of the Hull Clade EDH!

    Before we dice further into the deck itself, let me get things out there.

    You should play this deck if:
    - you like creature based decks
    - you like an occasional planeswalker ultimate
    - you like to swing with huge creatures
    - you like to take multiple turns in a row

    You should NOT play this deck if:
    - your playgroup doesn't like extra turns
    - you don't like creature based decks or planeswalkers
    - you can't hande table hate personally
    - you dont like decks that either stomp the table or just watch while others play

    The deck has two main win conditions:

    1. Swing for lethal
    The deck is great in pumping out huge creatures by putting insane numbers of +1/+1 counters on them. In addition to that, there are multiple ways to multiply the number of counters on certain permanents.
    Also, there are some extra turns in the deck to deal with summoning sickness and more.

    2. Planeswalker ultimates
    Doubling season is a good card.

    ///In-depth look at specific cards/engines:

    Extra turns:
    Temporal Mastery
    Time Warp
    Sage of Hours // This card is beyond INSANE in this deck. Since its ability doesn't need him to be tapped, you can instantly get noumerous extra turns by using Vorel's ability. The extra untap effects with Seedborn Muse and Murkfiend Liege provide even more counters on permanents of your choice. If you have no insane follow up play in your turn, just keep pumping him up and use his ability once he is bound to be removed in any way. The highest extra turn count I got so far was 6 with 32 counters removed [Master Biomancer on the field with 2 counters, pumped him with Vorel 3 times.] He can also go infinite rather quickly once you have a supportive engine going.

    Note: It is also (more or less) viable to kill opponents with commander damage, since you can just pump Vorel himself. Once he hits 21 power, if you see the opportunity, just take another player out.

    The side- / maybeboard are more options to further support the engines, so that you get a brief idea to adapt the deck to your prefered playstyle.

    ///Budget friendly options:

    Switch Gaea's Cradle for a land of your choice.
    Switch Tropical Island for a land of your choice.

    Another huge part of the price are the extra turns, whilst those included are already the cheaper ones. You can also drop those which will make the combat strategy less viable in my opinion, and instead add more planeswalkers to profit with Doubling Season. Of course, your money can also go down the drain by shopping more of them, but in my opinion, its more budged friendly to go this route.
    I personally don't think it's the most optimal way to play this deck, since Vorel of the Hull Clade only adds counters on Creatures, Artifacts and Lands.
    If you want to play Simic and go the planeswalker route, Kruphix, God of Horizons is a better choice as a commander.

    //// //// //// Deck Update Section //// //// ////
    Rashmi, Eternities Crafter; Hall of the Bandit Lord; Temple of the False God;
    Put in:
    Inexorable Tide; Myojin of Seeing Winds; Cultivate

    After playing the deck a couple of times I realised, that Rashmi, Eternities Crafter itself is a very decent card, but I personally feel like the value she creates is not impacting the deck too much unless I play more cards that work around her.
    Hall of the Bandit Lord was removed due to the feeling, that an additional haste provider wich does NOT tap for mana but uses up a land drop is not that decent in this deck.
    Temple of the False God gets thrown out since I always have it on my opening hand. I hate this card with a passion now. [Also, Everflowing Chalice provides enough colorless mana]

    Inexorable Tide seems like a decent addition to this deck, since it proliferates.
    Myojin of Seeing Winds seems like a fun card to play, and to keep up with the two removed lands I decided to put a Cultivate back into the deck for some fast mana action.




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