Test jeskai color fling (Standard)

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    Have some fun, kick some butt and get lucky with a turn 7 20 dmg fling (If you're SUPER lucky you can theoretically get 6 mana on turn 4 and do a 20 dmg fling on turn 6). (fling Evra and activate her ability in response, if you ability first, fling will go off before her ability resolves).

    Generally try to wait to fling her until someone tries to remove her first so you have a better chance of not losing Evra in response to fling. Trust me, they will try to remove her. After they learn the strat, they'll start to focus on Evra and then you can win with all the other awesome shit in the deck.

    Tossing around throwing in a search for azcanta or an immortal sun... but Gideon/Urza's lower the value of those cards.

    Also, don't be afraid to fling Gideon, often pull out 8 dmg plays by swinging in and flinging. If you're worried about settle you can turn him into a creature and fling him without attacking and there's enough gids that there's a good chance you'll have another one waiting.

    Grow from the ashes as opposed to gift as urza's nukes gift of paradise, also preferred to hour as it offers ramp as early as turn 3.

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    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 18 — Oct 18)!

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