Ramos, Spellslinger Engine (EDH / Commander)

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    Changes as of 31.05.2020
    I stopped working at a MTG-LGS. I was really invested in working there so after quiting I found myself with alot of free time and also it sparked my interesst in playing commander again what was not possible for me before since I was working alot. The first thing I did was revisit basically the last year of MTG-Releases and scavanged everything for possible EDH playable cards. Getting a grip on all that I came back here and started upgrading all my decks with the fancy new cards that have been put out there by wizards lately. After that is done as off today I want to invest some more time into also upgrading all the descriptions for my decks to see how my perspective changed aswell over the past years when I orinially did this. So let's dig in:

    This is my deck for flexing I'm missing only 2 cards for it to be in full foil and the cards that are unavailable in foil are being altered at the moment. The deck is still supposed to work wait that's bad phraising there is no card her solely to flex this deck is annoying to build because every card I remove has a price tag I remember when I got it and all the new cards are pricey aswell but fortunately for me the Deck reached the point 2 of my other decks did aswell... I'm happy with the iteration and I only upgrade it with new releases plus with the addition of showcase cards to the game this deck looks fucking lit bro like damn these full art foil bitches make me horny.
    The theme of spellslinger is a rather weird buildaround for me in the end there is not much recurring value in instant and sorceries so that was weird in the beginning.
    You durdle around alot and try not to die most of the time while building a value engine that leads into nowhere there is very limited sources to win in the deck you kinda need to kill people with your commander or maybe get something cool with Villanous Wealth. This deck truly plays different every game and I love it you still can get to a ridicolus point with copying stuff and creating insane ammounts of extra turns due to an abundance of mana you get from Ramos, Dragon Engine. There is alot of Value Cards like Narset and Maelstrom Wanderes to get you back into the game after being pushed back with board wipes or several removal spells.
    Please don't ask me why I wanted to foil this deck out I guess I'm compensating my tiny penis but I also have a tiny pocket so It's weird. Working at a card store didn't help the foil addiction at all it fueled the fire even more and I rarely buy cards in general if they're not foiled. I for some reason unknown to even me didn't want and still don't want to include some payoffs for casting spells like Guttersnipe and all the dudes that create tokens when you cast instants and sorceries but they don't seem to fit the theme for me I just don't see use for these small useless things. This deck turned out to be much more value oriented and is very explosive.
    You have Turnabout to do very nasty things with and I cannot stress this enough but if you ever get to the point that you flip the Primal Amulet oh boy you're in for a treat my man. This card is in every single one of my wet dreams tucked in between big titty goths and anime hentai bitches and it's an easy pick for me all day. I excluded some bad cards from the deck that synergyzed only with the amulet because I was so hyped about the card.
    I really like this deck and play it alot but thats also because it's giving me severe levels of eye cancer if light is reflected of my cards.

    If you have any questions or other kind of feedback feel free to ask. I hope you liked this small glimpse into my brain.
    And as always don't forget to have fun!


    This is my take on Ramos, Dragon Engine

    It's a spell based build

    You will like this deck if you like
    -Not using the combat step that much
    -Winning without combat damage
    -Keeping track of many triggers
    -Having long/many turns

    You will dislike this deck if you don't like:
    -Extra Turns
    -Simple straight forward plays
    -Counting mana
    -Keeping track of alot of mana, triggers, counts etc.

    So here we are another 5 color deck and funny enough this is my spell based counterpart to my jodah, archmage eternal being a creature based deck.
    This deck turned into my favourite deck really fast, I used to have a Riku of two reflections spell based deck but after building this I lost interesst in Riku.
    The decks are very simillar but I'm afraid since I only just recently added the extra turn spells to this deck and I'm scared it gets boring.
    But why are the extra turn spells so good?
    Ok Ramos, Dragon Engine gets +1/+1 counters every time we cast a spell for each of that spells colors then we can remove 5 of these counters from him to get 2WUBRG a total of 10 mana! Crazy I know.
    This is strong! But funny enough Ramos is only an extender in this deck you don't even need him he just makes things better.
    But back to the question. The extra turn spells are even better than normal because we have crazy set up in this deck and the potential to copy these spells and also an easy time casting them while even having extra mana during the turn we cast them initially.
    So the first thing we want to look out for is making everything as colorfull as possible.
    I tried to make sure to always play the maybe worse but multicolored version of spells so every colorless spell you see here is in my opinion mandatory because it's broken in this deck. Same goes for mono color spells but not as much as for the colorless ones.
    So first step done we have good ways to get counters
    Second step is casting many cards since ramos need 5 counters so we need to have spend 5 colored mana before we get a benefit from him. For that we can look into the multiple spells category.
    Now please be aware that we need to cast the spells so copy doesn't count but we have all these cool cards that multiply our things via cascading or the likes. And the further we get the better since we have easier times casting these big cards when getting the benefit of step 3 of getting these 10 mana so casting a thousand-year storm and having 4 mana leftover without even touching our lands and rocks sounds good.
    Step 3 is cashing in our 10 mana to have all the fun stuff
    After putting in so much effort (casting spells like we would do anyway) we deserve something right? Yes of course I agree for that reason we have some really mean big hitters like omniscience several x costed spells and such but you may ask yourself now, what is he taking about there is only a few really expensive costed cards? Yes that's true since I have 3 other big stuff decks I don't want another one. So I build around casting more medium sized things and not trying to win off of one card alone. And boy that works out like crazy.
    Here the extra turn spells come in handy again. The big problem is we can only use the second ability of ramos once per turn so we need to recast him or flicker him but he looses his counters then here the turn spells put in the work. I often find myself with having 15 counters on Ramos and of course only using 5 isn't as good as using all.

    So after reading this it seems like Ramos, Dragon Engine is the actual centerpiece engine of the deck but he really is not. Yes we have all these colorfull spells, theyre still good without ramos, yes we have these medium sized things that want alot of mana and go crazy when we have that mana, still good with less mana/we have ways to get lots of mana without ramos.

    In the end the deck plays out simmilar every time. You set up your plays for a couple turns like putting down one or two big enabler that multiply your value and once the enemies run out of removal or simply don't have any to begin with you pop off in a single big turn and kill eveything in the whole store/place your playing at.

    I use card like turnabout and other mana doublers to be less dependant on ramos and also if you don't find acess to such cards your plan just gets slower which is totally fine that's why we play board wipes and removal.
    I would see this deck as a midrange combo deck and it is insanely fun. Getting to play all these big cashout cards is so much fun cascading all over the place copying stuff on top of that to finish up by draining every body for something like 693938 points of life feels just great.

    My favourite combo in the deck revolves around any mana doubler or land untaping card and having the primal amulet flipped over you copy the untaping effect to get several mana in your pool that are capable of copying spells it doesn't require that much and is crazy good. That's why I love kioras follower.
    I hope you like the Deck I just love it even to the point that I almos foiled it out.

    Have a great day and thanks for reading


    Sideboard price: 27.78 € | $ 14.21


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