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Agent of MasksAnguished UnmakingAnkh of MishraArchfiend of DepravityArchfiend of DespairAustere CommandBlasphemous ActBlind ObedienceBlood SeekerCast DownChromatic LanternCryptolith Fragment // Aurora of EmrakulCryptolith Fragment // Aurora of EmrakulCursed TotemCustodi LichDark DealDeadly TempestDoom BladeDrana's EmissaryFate UnravelerForsake the WorldlyGarrulous SycophantGo for the ThroatHarsh MentorKambal, Consul of AllocationKederekt ParasiteKismetKnights of the Black RoseManabarbsMarchesa's DecreeMerciless EvictionOb Nixilis, UnshackledOb Nixilis, the FallenOblivion RingOppressionPainful QuandaryPainful TruthsPhyrexian ArenaPrismatic LensProtector of the CrownQueen MarchesaRead the BonesSmothering TitheSol RingSpelltithe EnforcerStrangleholdSuppression FieldTerminateThalia, Heretic CatharUtter EndWound Reflection