5 combo Deck +1/+1 infinite turn infinite creature infinite mana infinite draw (Modern)

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    There are five combo's contained inside of this deck.

    Combo 1. Turn 3 win Infinity/Infinity creature:

    The first and main combo is with the Devoted Druid and Quillspike . I think this one is the most obvious, and its the main part of a turn 3 win. Tap Devoted Druid for 1 mana, untap him to place a -1/-1 counter onto him, use the 1 mana to eat to counter, repeat, infinite infinite creature on turn 3.

    Combo 2. Destroy all opposing creatures / Infinite mana / Infinite creatures with infinity infinity:

    The second is a combo with Devoted Druid , Leech Bonder , and Paradise Mantle . This combination, can at the same time, kill all of the opponents creatures, and also give you infinite mana. Using the infinite mana, you can turn Primordial Hydra into an infinite/infinite creature, then using Leech Bonder , turn all creatures you have into infinite/infinite creatures. You could also use Flourishing Defenses to give yourself infinite creatures. This works because by untapping Devoted Druid , you get a creature, and by moving the -1/-1 onto that creature, it dies, and you get another, and then you can do this over again, each time having one extra creature.

    Combo 3. Infinite/Infinite Creature / Infinite mana:

    The third combo, is with Quillspike , Morselhoarder , Paradise Mantle , and Sinking Feeling . You would use Sinking Feeling and Paradise Mantle on Morselhoarder to get Infinite mana, by tapping him for mana, then use that mana to untap him, and you then have an additional -1/-1 counter on him that you can remove, and use for another mana. With the infinite mana you can then, use Quillspike to eat the -1/-1 counters instead of taking them off for mana, and you have an infinite/infinite creature.

    Short version:

    Quillspike + Paradise Mantle + Sinking Feeling = Infinite/Infinite Creature.

    Morselhoarder + Paradise Mantle + Sinking Feeling = Infinite mana.

    Combine both, Morselhoarder with Paradise Mantle + Sinking Feeling on him, in addition to Quillspike in play = both.

    Combo 4. Infinity/Infinity creatures:

    This one is similar to the second one, because you use Devoted Druid with Leech Bonder + Paradise Mantle , to make a Giant Primordial Hydra . But the Hydra eventually has to stop growing bigger once your opponents creatures are all dead. So, you bring in a Gilder Bairn to double the number of counters on your hydra, then, keep moving counters to that, instead. and in that way you can make your creatures infinite/infinite. Or without the bairn, if you feel like waiting until your end step, keep moving +1/+1 counters off of the hydra and putting them back on. At your end step, he will double the number of counters for each time you did this.

    Combo 5. Infinite turns:

    This one uses every single card you can, the main part of the combo is, Magosi, the Waterveil with Vastwood Animist to turn Magosi, the Waterveil into a creature.

    This one is by far the most complicated.

    Step 1: Establish Infinite mana somehow; use one of the methods above to get infinite mana.

    Step 2: Get creatures onto the field. Get both Magosi, the Waterveil and Vastwood Animist onto the field and also, Gilder Bairn + Paradise Mantle , and a Leech Bonder + Paradise Mantle . If you want to do step 7, then get a Hydra out too.

    Step 3: Turn Magosi, the Waterveil into a creature, and then tap it for the eon counter effect. If doing step 7, cast Sinking Feeling on it too.

    Step 4: Move the eon counter off of Magosi, the waterveil, and place it onto another creature.

    Step 5: Use Gilder Bairn to double the number of eon counters indefinitely.

    Step 6: Skip your next turn and on your next turn, you have infinite turns.


    Step 7: If you don't want to skip a turn, then use Sinking Feeling on Magosi, the Waterveil so that you can untap it, then play its next turn effect.

    Before you use its untap ability, and kill it. Give it 2 +1/+1 counters, so that you can untap it and not kill it.


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    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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