Simic Ascendancy Stompy (Standard)

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    The concept is pretty simple. Use your mana dorks and ramp to cast huge X value creatures, then stomp accordingly.
    Simic Ascendancy is an alternative win condition. You will find that most people will not like to see it on the table and go after it. If they are removing your enchantment, they are leaving your bruisers alone. Let them. If, somehow it stays on the table, galloping lizrog is basically a win con, especially if vitu ghazi is on the table, that's a quick +18 for your counters.
    I also tend to side them out for games 2 and 3 unless they can't be answered. Narset for the card draw decks. Ashiok to deal with graveyard shenanigans. Kasmina's transmutation to deal with gods, and elementals (especially risen reefs). Return to nature to get rid of pesky artifacts and enchantments, and flood of tears to get rid of zombie hordes. Hypnotic Sprites for an extra level of control against control type and removal heavy decks. Nothing more satisfying than countering a murderous rider going out on an adventure.

    Edit: I note that Nissa and Vitu-Ghazi do not trigger simic ascendancy, BUT if you convert a land with Nissa, and THEN put vitu-ghazi on that land, the counters do indeed count. Also, galloping lizrog can steal all 9 of vitu-gazi's counters, getting you an 18/18 trample lizard, and 18 counters for your Simic Ascendancy.

    If you have any feedback, i'd love to hear it. Thanks.


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