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Ancient Tomb Aqueous Form Arcane Laboratory Artful Dodge Ash Zealot Assault Strobe Blood Crypt Blood Moon Bone Shredder Breathstealer's Crypt Cascade Bluffs Chromatic Lantern City of Brass Command Tower Commander's Sphere Cyclonic Rift Dark Ritual Dimir Signet Distortion Strike Drowned Catacomb Exotic Orchard Fellwar Stone Fleshbag Marauder Generator Servant Glistening Oil Grafdigger's Cage Grafted Exoskeleton Graven Cairns Hammer of Nazahn Hanweir Garrison Hero's Downfall Hordeling Outburst Induced Amnesia Iron Myr Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Izzet Signet Kher Keep Leaden Myr Lightning Greaves Lord of Tresserhorn Magus of the Moon Mana Confluence Mana Maze Mindlock Orb Mindslicer Mogg War Marshal Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mystic Remora Mystical Tutor Null Rod Oppression Phyresis Phyrexian Arena Plague Myr Praetor's Grasp Psychotic Fury Rakdos Signet Rhystic Study Sadistic Sacrament Savage Beating Sensei's Divining Top Shivan Reef Silver Myr Smoldering Marsh Sol Ring Solemn Simulacrum Static Orb Stifle Stranglehold Sundial of the Infinite Sunken Ruins Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swiftfoot Boots Tainted Strike Temur Battle Rage Torpor Orb Toxic Deluge Trickbind Trinisphere Uncaged Fury Watery Grave

Blasphemous Act Crosis's Charm Darksteel Plate Grixis Charm