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Adarkar WastesAminatou's AuguryAncient TombArid MesaArmageddonAzorius SignetBasalt MonolithBattlefield ForgeBeacon of TomorrowsBloodlust InciterBloodstained MireBoom // BustCapture of JingzhouCascade BluffsCatastropheCavern of SoulsChain of VaporChrome MoxCity of BrassCity of TraitorsCoalition RelicCommand TowerCrystal VeinDefense GridDesperate RitualEnlightened TutorEnter the InfiniteExpedition MapExpropriateFabricateFlagstones of TrokairFlooded StrandForce of WillFury of the HordeGemstone CavernsGenerator ServantGoblin MotivatorGrand AbolisherGrim MonolithHall of the Bandit LordHallowed FountainIslandIzzet SignetKarn's Temporal SunderingLightning GreavesLion's Eye DiamondLong-Term PlansLotus PetalMana ConfluenceMana CryptMana DrainMana VaultMarsh FlatsMass HysteriaMerchant ScrollMind's DesireMisdirectionMisty RainforestMystic GateMystical TutorNarset, Enlightened MasterNeed for SpeedNexus of FateOboro, Palace in the CloudsOmnisciencePart the WaterveilPentad PrismPersonal TutorPlateauPolluted DeltaPyretic RitualRavages of WarRelentless AssaultRite of FlameRogue's PassageRugged PrairieSacred FoundryScalding TarnScroll RackSeize the DayShivan ReefSimian Spirit GuideSkycloud ExpanseSol RingSteam VentsStrionic ResonatorTarnished CitadelTemporal CascadeTemporal ManipulationTemporal MasteryTemporal TrespassTime StretchTime WarpTolaria WestTundraVolcanic IslandWalk the AeonsWaves of AggressionWeathered WayfarerWipe Away