Thantis' Web of Lives (Jund Enchantments) (EDH / Commander)

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    The Plan: We want to force the game to rush towards a quick and bloodly conclusion by chomping life totals, forcing combat, and playing ruthless enchantments.

    The deck has an enchantment theme because many of the best cards for repeatedly winding down life are enchantments. Inevitably they will run out of enchantment removal.

    Why Deathtouch: Part of the way the deck moves things along is by forcing combat, when we do that we want to make sure that we aren't the primary target of those forced attacks. Thantis does a reasonable job of that on its own but if the opposing army is big enough or the opponent salty enough you need more than just Thantis to protect you. Deathtouch is an excellent rattlesnake as it wards off most threats. Better yet is that because we have ways to capitalize on our creatures having deathtouch we can remove creatures at will by slapping pingers onto our deathtouch creatures.

    Some Winning Combos: Obviously there are some cards here that are dangerous on their own but many of them are even more dangerous when paired together.

    Repercussion + Damage Board Wipes = Death to most players

    Heartless Hidetsugu + Wound Reflection = Death to all opponents, same is true for Heartless + Archfiend of Despair. Other combos with Heartless also include Dictate of the Twin Gods, and Curse of Bloodletting.

    Havoc Festival + Archfiend of Despair or Wound Reflection = Each opponent dies on their upkeep, so if no one can stop it from hitting, and no one left up mana you just win.

    Revel In Riches + Deadly Tempest = sometimes a win

    There are of course many more synergies in the deck.




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