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Arcane Adaptation Baleful Strix Bitterblossom Bloodstained Mire Brainstorm Choked Estuary Commit // Memory Consign // Oblivion Conspiracy Cover of Darkness Creeping Tar Pit Curse of the Cabal Cyclonic Rift Decree of Pain Decree of Silence Devastation Tide Dig Through Time Dimir Infiltrator Dimir Signet Dowsing Dagger Drowned Catacomb Evacuation Far // Away Flooded Strand Halimar Depths Higure, the Still Wind In Garruk's Wake Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Invisible Stalker Island Island Island Island Island Island Island Karn's Temporal Sundering Key to the City Lightning Greaves Looter il-Kor Marsh Flats Mist-Cloaked Herald Mistblade Shinobi Misty Rainforest Morphic Pool Mox Amber Murderous Cut Mutavault Mystical Tutor Nether Traitor Never // Return Nexus of Fate Ninja of the Deep Hours Notorious Throng Path of Ancestry Polluted Delta Ponder Preordain Rags // Riches Rogue's Passage Sakashima's Student Scalding Tarn Scroll Rack Sensei's Divining Top Shadowmage Infiltrator Shizo, Death's Storehouse Silent-Blade Oni Siren Stormtamer Skullsnatcher Slither Blade Snuff Out Sol Ring Stolen Identity Sunken Hollow Sunken Ruins Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Swiftfoot Boots Tainted Isle Temporal Mastery Temporal Trespass Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive Thought Vessel Throat Slitter Treasure Cruise Triton Shorestalker Underground River Vampiric Tutor Vela the Night-Clad Verdant Catacombs Walker of Secret Ways Watery Grave Whispersilk Cloak Xenograft Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow