Super Charged! Charge Artifacts (Budget) (Casual)

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    Charge Generators (15)

    You can tap and sacrifice for 3 charge counters to have a 9/9 Golem on turn 3.
    Energy Chamber
    You can give +1/+1 counters to Custodians or Coretappers if you can't give charge to any artifacts.
    Surge Node
    Mana spent charging an Everflowing Chalice will be immediately refunded and increases mana permanently.
    Vedalken Infuser
    Doesn't need to tap. Good for blocking. Can be equipped with Sigil of Distinction.

    Creatures (12)

    Conversion Chamber
    Low cost 3/3 token factory.
    Custodian of the Trove
    Slow start, but synergizes with Energy Chamber and Sigil of Distinction for stronger blocks.
    Titan Forge
    High cost 9/9 token factory. Win condition.

    Mana and Utility (9)

    Everflowing Chalice
    Can be played for (0). Just add counters for more mana.
    Lux Cannon
    Good for emergency removal of almost any permanent. Can be charged passively.
    Otherworld Atlas
    Very powerful draw but opponents draw too. You can dump cards you receive with Everflowing Chalice to get a greater immediate advantage than your opponent.

    Equip (4)

    Sigil of Distinction
    Only gets more powerful with more charge.

    Lands (20)

    Sideboard (4)

    Guardians of Meletis
    Switch with Custodians if you need an immediate blocker over the added power

    Maybeboard (10)

    Paradox Engine
    Very expensive but very powerful. This opens huge possibilities to every tap-able artifact.
    Reliquary Tower
    Synergizes well with Otherworld Atlas, but is expensive. Unless you currently own some, you may choose to spend the money.
    Unwinding Clock
    Expensive but powerful. This synergizes with every tap-able artifact. This can allow for great charge potential on opponent's turns.


    Give charge counters to other artifacts to generate creatures and power up their effects. There is low mana costs but requires many turns to gather charge. Emptying your hand is ideal. It's also important to maintain some board presence to block. It suffers a slow start but can ramp up the power quickly if unchecked. Because of this it lacks strength against aggro and control decks.
    But if all goes well, you should be generating 3/3 and 9/9 Golems every turn with Sigils giving over +5/+5. Mana will be abundant, draw will be overwhelming, and any threat can crushed or annihilated. This deck would probably suffer against the competitive meta, but is a fun deck to play with casuals and friends. I will gladly take any recommendations.

    The Maybeboard includes some expensive additions for those who might wait to purchase them later or wish to be more competitive.

    In Depth Card Strategy:
    -Coretappers are powerful but fragile. Can be sacrificed when it comes into play for quick charge. A powerful but risky gamble is to play Titan Forge on turn 3, tap and sacrifice the Coretapper for 3 charge, and produce a 9/9 Golem. That is an incredibly powerful start, but you permanently lose the Coretapper.
    -Energy Chamber is the strongest generator because it can produce +1/+1 counters for artifact creatures instead of charge.
    -Surge Node and has the benefit of being usable as soon as it is casted. However it requires mana and has finite use over the course of a long game. It is inefficient in the long run.
    -Vedalken Infuser does not need to tap and has decent toughness. Useful for blocking. It can't be benefited by Energy Chamber's +1/+1 counters.
    -Custodian of the Trove is a primary defender with low cost and decent power and toughness. The downside is that it can't block first turn. Has the benefit to receive Energy Chamber's +1/+1 counters in a pinch.
    -Conversion Chamber is a strong token factory. Using one charge and 2 mana can create a 3/3 Golem to attack and defend. The largest downside is the mana requirement but can be mitigated with Everflowing Chalice.
    -Titan Forge is one of the strongest artifacts when given charge from outside sources. Normally it costs too much and takes too long to use. But with 3 charge given each turn, the cost is essentially free and can be used every turn. Once production starts, the Golems can easily overwhelm any opponent. Overwhelming production of 9/9 tokens is a strong win condition.
    -Everflowing Chalice is a key mana source that permanently produces more mana the more charge it gets. A strong combo is turn 1: Surge Node, turn 2: (0) mana Everlasting Chalice and tap for a charge. Tapping Surge Node for the Chalice will exponentially increase mana production without waste.
    -Otherworld Atlas is a potentially powerful draw for all players. However you have low costing cards and lots of mana with Everflowing Chalice. It will be easy to dump your hand quickly for even more draw while your opponents may be forced to discard.
    -Lux Cannon is great when you find yourself against a pesky creature, enchantment, or artifact you can't normally deal with. Normally considered one of the worst artifacts, it has potential. With 3 generators charging the Cannon in one turn, it can deal with any non-indestructible permanents, including planeswalkers. This can also be charged slowly by itself.
    -Sigil of Distinction is an incredibly powerful equipment. Not only can it be charged up by generators and is a mana dump, no mana is spent on the equip cost. It can easily be moved from one creature to another at the cost of one charge counter.


    Sideboard price: 0.36 € | $ 0.60


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